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Generic Methodology and Efficient Extraction

EVOLUTE® WAX mixed mode polymer-based SPE sorbent extracts a range of acidic analytes from biological fluids and other aqueous matrices using a generic procedure which minimizes method development time. EVOLUTE WAX removes matrix components such as proteins, salts, non-ionisable interferences and phospholipids, delivering cleaner extracts with reproducible recoveries for accurate quantitation.
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Features of EVOLUTE® WAX
  • Removal of proteins, salts, non-ionisable interferences and phospholipids
  • Fast, simple, generic methodology
  • Minimal ion suppression
  • High, reproducible recoveries for a wide range of strongly acidic analytes

Excellent Flow Characteristics

Narrow particle size distribution provides consistent flow characteristics for a variety of sample matrices. Optimized packing techniques eliminate channelling, which can lead to analyte breakthrough. Additionally, larger particle EVOLUTE WAX 50 µm allows for increased flow rates when using particularly viscous samples or large sample volumes.

Batch-to-batch reproducibility

The surface characteristics of each batch of EVOLUTE WAX are quality controlled and tested to ensure consistency.

Bioanalysis - EVOLUTE WAX 30 µm

Biotage offers a range of EVOLUTE WAX columns and 96-well plates optimized for bioanalytical sample preparation.

Forensic, clinical, food and environmental applications - EVOLUTE WAX 50 µm

EVOLUTE WAX is also available in larger SPE formats suitable for the larger sample volumes and more viscous matrices common in forensic, clinical, food and environmental applications.

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