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The SPS3 autosampler is compatible with the current AA, ICP-OES, ICP-MS and UV spectrometers.

The SPS3 autosampler is compatible with the current AA, ICP-OES, ICP-MS and UV spectrometers.

This autosampler is designed to meet the diverse requirements of high throughput analytical laboratories. It offers a range of productivity boosting features, which speed up analysis times. The SPS3 also provides a launching pad for a number of additional options that further improve the quality of analytical results and reduce running costs

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Features of SPS3
  • Fastest ever sample-to-sample speed provided by the X,Z theta arm movement
  • Unlimited sample capacity with the ability to exchange sample racks during analysis
  • Cross contamination is eliminated and rinse usage reduced by the on-demand, flow through rinse station, with variable speed peristaltic pump
  • Compatibility with a range of universal sample racks
  • A contamination-free liquid flow path, with inert probe options utilizing metal-free transfer lines
  • Variable probe arm speed settings cater for various samples of different viscosities
  • Sample pre-mixing with the optional diluter avoids settling or separation prior to analysis (SPS3 only)
  • On-line over range sample dilution and off-line solution preparation with the optional diluter, including standard preparation and reagent addition capabilities (SPS3 only)
  • Optional Traveling Rinse provides in-situ rinsing of the probe for maximum productivity with high sample workloads (SPS3 only)
  • Sample contamination from airborne particles is eliminated and corrosive or toxic fumes are removed during sampling with the optional environmental enclosure
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