PolyScience - LS Series

Manufactured by  PolyScience
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Compact Chillers

Compact and powerful, PolyScience LS-Series Recirculating Chillers are ideal for cooling rotary evaporators, chromatography equipment, lasers, and other temperature sensitive laboratory equipment.
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Features of LS Series
  • Optimized for high performance at low temperatures   
  • Capable of cooling multiple rotary evaporators   
  • WhisperCool Environmental Control System   
  • Large, easy to read LED display   
  • Space-saving design   
  • Cooling at ambient temperatures as high as 35°C   
  • Low flow shutoff and alarm, high and low temperature alarms   
  • Simple setup, operation, and maintenance   
  • Centrifugal or turbine pump   
  • Fluid level indicator   
  • RS232 communication and external water filter optional  

Available with Centrifuge or Turbine pump.    Models available:    M1, M2 MX, MY, TX, TY

General Specifications
Integrated Bath0
Reservoir Volume2.65 L
Temperature Stability0.1 °C
Temperature SystemChilling
Flow Rate14.8 L/min 12.9 L/Min(50Hz)
Temperature Range-20 to 40 °C
Depth 59.4 in
Height18.9 in
Width 24.4 in
Power Requirements 120V, 60Hz, 12A
Peak Power1160 W
Weight46.3 kg
Additional Specifications

Maximum Pump Pressure    
Centrifugal (MX)(60 Hz): 14.5 PSI    
Centrifugal (MY)(50 Hz): 10.5 PSI    
Centrifugal (M1)(60 Hz): 9.0 PSI    
Centrifugal (M2)(50 Hz): 5.5 PSI    
Turbine (TX)(60 Hz): 43.4 PSI    
Turbine (TY)(50 Hz): 32.0 PSI    
Maximum Pump Flow    
Centrifugal (MX)(60 Hz): 13.2 LPM / 3.5 GPM    
Centrifugal (MY)(50 Hz): 11.7 LPM / 3.1 GPM    
Centrifugal (M1)(60 Hz): 14.8 LPM / 3.9 GPM    
Centrifugal (M2)(50 Hz): 12.9 LPM / 3.4 GPM    
Turbine (TX)(60 Hz): 9.8 LPM / 2.6 GPM    
Turbine (TY)(50 Hz): 8.3 LPM / 2.0 GPM    
Cooling Capacity @ -10°C / 14°F    
Centrifugal (MX)(60 Hz): 475 watts / 1622 BTU/hr    
Centrifugal (MY)(50 Hz): 460 watts / 1571 BTU/hr    
Centrifugal (M1)(60 Hz): 435 watts / 1485 BTU/hr    
Centrifugal (M2)(50 Hz): 435 watts / 1486 BTU/hr    
Turbine (TX)(60 Hz): 345 watts / 1178 BTU/hr    
Turbine (TY)(50 Hz): 333 watts / 1137 BTU/hr

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