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The Q5000 IR h...

The Q5000 IR has been replaced by the Discovery TGA

The highly automated Q5000 IR is the TGA best suited to meet the most demanding research applications. It outperforms all competitors in baseline flatness, sensitivity to low-level weight changes, and flexibility in both standard and high heating rate operation. Other powerful features include a 25-position integrated autosampler with contamination-free, sealed pan-punching capability, an internal electromagnet for easy Curie Point temperature calibration, Hi-Res™, Modulated TGA™, and Platinum™ software for user convenience in scheduling automatic calibration, verification and diagnostic tests to keep the Q5000 IR constantly in top operating condition.

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Features of Q5000 IR


  • Ultra sensitive Thermobalance
  • Superior baseline stability

IR Furnace

  • First commercially available infrared TGA furnace.
  • Infrared furnace offers the widest range of linear and ballistic heating rates from ambient to 1200°C
  • Furnace utilizes four symmetrically placed lamps and a silicon carbide sample enclosure to ensure consistent, uniform heating.


  • Multi-position sample carousel that allows automated analysis of up to 25 samples
  • Fully automated testing procedures

Mass Flow Control

  • Precise purge gas flow rates
  • Integrated gas switching
General Specifications

There are no General Specifications available.

Additional Specifications

Temperature Controlled Thermobalance: Included  
Dynamic Range: 100 mg  
Weighing Accuracy: +/- 0.1%  
Weighing Precision: +/- 0.01%  
Sensitivity: 2000 °C/min  
Linear Heating Rate: 0.1 to 500 °C/min  
Furnace Cooling (Forced air / N2): 1200 to 35 °C < 10 min  
Vacuum: 10-2 torr  
Temperature Calibration: Electromagnetic Coil/Curie Point Stds  
Autosampler  25 sample: Included  
Hi-Res TGA™: Included  
Auto Stepwise TGA: Included  
Modulated TGA™: Included  
TGA/MS Operation: Option  
TGA/FTIR Operation: Option  
Platinum™ Software: Included  
Sample Pans  
Platinum: 50, 100 ΜL  
Platinum-HT: 100 ΜL  
Ceramic: 100, 250 ΜL  
Aluminum: 80 ΜL  
Aluminum Sealed Pan: 20 ΜL

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