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VERSA Mini PCR Setup Workstation

The VERSA Mini PCR Carousel Setup is a small, automated liquid handling workstation designed to perform virtually every task for the automated PCR set-up reactions as well as all general liquid handling tasks.    
Whether processing a small batch or up to a thousand PCR reactions a day, this fast PCR set-up and robotic liquid handling system can automate the PCR set-up procedure with high precision, throughput and accuracy. The VERSA Mini PCR Setup workstation also performs fast PCR applications such as hot-start PCR. This automated fast PCR set-up workstation conserves expensive reagents, eliminates concerns associated with volumetric variations caused by handling errors and removes repetitive manual pipetting protocols.    
The VERSA Mini PCR Setup workstation is extremely easy to use and is pre-configured to automatically prepare PCR master mixes, add DNA/RNA templates and load samples into reaction plates/capillary tube carousels. While the system and software has been designed for liquid handling applications targeted at fast PCR reaction setups, the unit is capable of performing generic liquid handling tasks such as: serial dilution, cherry picking, plate reformatting, plate replication and array printing. The PCR Setup workstation is an open system compatible with a diverse range of labware and kits.
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Features of VERSA Mini PCR

Fast PCR Applications    

1. Validation of VERSA Mini PCR Workstation for High Throughput PCR    

2. Automated Reaction Set-up for Whole Genome Amplification and Validation with Β-actin Gene Using VERSA Mini PCR Setup Workstation    

3. Automation of Reverse Transcription of Avian Influenza Viral RNA and Detection of H5N1 with VERSA Mini PCR Setup Workstation    

4. “Hot Start” PCR using VERSA™ Mini PCR Setup Workstation    

5. Automation of On Slide PCR using VERSA™ Mini PCR Setup Workstation

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