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VERSA 2000 ELISA Workstation

ELISA (Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay) is used for the detection of small quantities of target molecules in liquid or viscous solutions such as serum, urine, cellular supernatant, wine and milk. Whether your lab works with indirect, sandwich or competitive assays, ELISA protocols involve an exhausting number of dispensing, washing and incubation steps. Manual procedures are prone to variability, contamination and are time consuming, resulting in high cost-overruns and erroneous data. Laboratories face continuously increasing workloads and decreasing resources. This necessitates implementation of automated ELISA alternatives.        
Aurora has developed the robust, walk-away VERSA 2000 ELISA workstation to handle these labour-intensive protocols. This customized liquid handling workstation offers advanced robotic automation features in combination with high precision liquid handling capabilities making automated immunoassays an attractive alternative to tedious, error prone manual processes.        
While the VERSA 2000 ELISA system has been customized for automated ELISA protocols, the underlying versatility of the workstation allows this automated liquid handling workstation to perform many generic liquid handling tasks including: serial dilution, cherry picking, plate reformatting, plate replication, nucleic acid preps and PCR setup. This innate flexibility reduces costs per sample across a range of common lab applications, making the VERSA automated ELISA workstation the best option for any facility.        
For more information and additional specifications, please review the VERSA ELISA workstation brochure or contact us directly to discuss your specific application. Aurora’s dedicated team of application scientists and engineers quickly and accurately assist users with automated immunoassay method development, maximizing instrument performance while minimizing instrument down times. Thank you for considering AURORA to solve your lab automation requirements.
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General Specifications
Depth 62 cm
Maximum Dispensing Volume1000 μL
Height110 cm
Width 62 cm
Weight60 kg
Deck Capacity33
Dispensing TypeIntegrated Workstation
Robotic Plate Handler1
Workstation TypeELISA

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