Aurora Biomed - VERSA Next Generation Library Prep (NGLP) Workstation

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VERSA Next Generation Library Prep (NGLP) Workstation

Next generation sequencing (NGS) technologies are emerging as a powerful means for providing gigabases of genetic information in a single run. The increase in throughput and reduction in sequencing costs have revolutionized genomic research. Furthermore, the application of these technologies has greatly expanded the ability of researchers to use genomic information for diverse applications. These include primary research, health screening, personalized medicine, and single nucleotide polymorphism characterization to name a few.      
As the traditional bottlenecks associated with sequence production are relaxed, new demands are placed on sample preparation to replenish sequencing project pipelines. However, the labour-intensive and error-prone steps needed for this task make it difficult to produce large numbers of libraries.      
Researchers at Aurora recognize that automation of this manual process maximizes the benefits offered by next generation sequencing (NGS), and thus have developed the VERSA Next Generation Library Prep (NGLP) workstation. The system allows researchers to walk away from protocols involving DNA isolation, enzyme reaction setup and magnetic bead based DNA fragment size selection. The VERSA Next Generation Library Prep workstation is compatible with various commercially available kits and reagents, allowing researchers to reduce costs associated with library preparation. By providing accurate liquid handling, robust temperature control and consistent reliability, the VERSA Next Generation Library Prep workstation ensures users get the most out of expensive samples and reagents.      
Key Points      
  1. Walk-away library preparation for next generation sequencing technologies      
  2. Automates nucleic acid extraction, reverse transcription, and PCR setup      
  3. Compatible with 3rd party kits and reagents to reduce your costs      
  4. Scalable solution that can process up to 96 samples in parallel      
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Features of VERSA Next Generation Library Prep (NGLP) Workstation
  • Single channel or 8-channel liquid handling module: Handle any throughput      
  • Liquid level sensing: Reduce dead volumes, and maximize recovery of samples through cleanups      
  • Reagent dispensing pins: Reduce both tip consumption and preparation time      
  • Temperature control blocks: Fast ramping and precise temperature control for efficient enzymatic modification to your samples      
  • Small footprint: Fit the workstation into a hood, or outfit it with its own UV / HEPA filtered hood
General Specifications
Dispensing TypeIntegrated Workstation
Workstation TypeNext Gen Sequencing

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