Modular SFC - Centrifan™ PE Personal Evaporator

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The Centrifan PE Personal Evaporator combines the features of a centrifuge and a blow-down evaporator for simple, vacuum-free, sample safe operation.

The Centrifan PE employs a novel, recirculating evaporation technique that reuses a captured volume of gas and generates its own gas flow to rapidly evaporate samples in standard 20 mL scintillation vials. The technique eliminates the need for a vacuum pump or a large supply of blow down gas. Hazardous vapors are captured in a cold trap which prevents the release of toxic fumes. The unit may be purged of air with a nitrogen bleed to perform oxygen-free drying.  
The Centrifan PE incorporates a spinning rotor with fan blades that generate a high flow rate of drying gas which is directed onto the surface of the solvent contained in the scintillation vials. The rotor generates centrifugal force to keep 100% of the solute pressed in the scintillation vials, thus preventing compound loss and cross contamination. Solvent vapors from the trapped volume of gas are continuously flowed through a secondary loop with a dry ice cold trap to eliminate solvent vapors. The Centrifan PE operates without vacuum, which eliminates the potential for cross contamination and sample loss caused by solvent bumping.  
With a small 8 in. x 8 in. footprint and only 18 in. high, the Centrifan PE is self-contained, requires little bench space, and doesn't need to be placed beneath a fume hood. The device accommodates up to six 20 mL scintillation vials. Rotor inserts for Eppendorf and Agilent vials will be available shortly.
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Features of Centrifan™ PE Personal Evaporator
  • Vacuum-Free - no bumping or splashing to risk sample purity and yield  
  • Centrifugal Evaporation - sample securely pressed in spinning containers  
  • Versatile - ideal for LC fractions, synthesis reactions, harsh inorganic chemistry, cold room operations, toxic compounds, radioisotopes  
  • LowMaintenance - no vacuum pump; no noise; simple unattended operation  
  • Temperature - programmable ambient to 55°C  
  • Off-Timer - programmable from minutes to hours  
  • Green Solvent Recovery - captured gas recirculates in a closed system; toxic materials are contained  
  • Easy-to-Use - close the lid to start  
  • Flexible - concentrate samples or evaporate to complete dryness  
  • Compact – portable, minimal bench space  
  • Containers - use 20/40 mL scintillation vials, 1.6 mL Eppendorf tubes, 4 mL (1 dram) vials, 15 mL Falcon tubes
General Specifications
Depth 8 in saves bench space
Height18 in compact
Width 12 in
Power Requirements 115/230 VAC
Weight12 lbs
Part Number21000
Additional Specifications

Rotor Capacities  
6 x 20 mL Scintillation Vials  
4 x 40 mL Scintillation Vials  
8 x 16 mm x 100 mmTest Tubes  
16 x 1.6 mL Eppendorf Tubes  
6 x 15 Falcon tubes  
8 x 4 mL (1 Dram) Sample Vials

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