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Thermo Scientific - EASY-nLC 1000

Manufactured by  Thermo Scientific
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The Thermo Scientific EASY-nLC 1000 provides effortless split-free, nano-flow UHPLC performance up to 1000 bar with...

The Thermo Scientific EASY-nLC 1000 provides effortless split-free, nano-flow UHPLC performance up to 1000 bar with minimal investment. Dual in-line flow sensors before mixing gives uncompromising gradient precision.       
Identify more peptides and increase productivity with higher pressure without compromising reliability and robustness.
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Features of EASY-nLC 1000

Advanced flow control       

  • Intelligent Flow Control (IFC) during loading and equilibration provides robust performance and protects against blocked columns       
  • Advanced Flow Control (AFC) during gradients provides outstanding reproducibility, sample to sample and over time       

Built-in PC & Maintenance       

  • Automated, built-in maintenance steps       
  • Remote access via internet for system interrogation       
  • Event log for troubleshooting       
  • Automated leak test indicates actual position of leak       
  • System back pressure test quickly detects flow-line blockage       

Integrated design       

  • Structured layout for easy component exchange       
  • Pulsation-free pumps minimize need for replacement of seals, valves and fittings       
  • Optimized flow paths are utilized by software       

Stable, pulsation-free gradients from 100nL/min.       

  • Factory-configured flow paths minimize swept volume       
  • Maximum chromatographic accuracy with: split-free gradient mixing, step-controlled nano-flow syringe pumps, and flow sensor control of mobile phase delivery       

Easily switch between one or two column configuration

General Specifications
Depth 15 in
Height18 in
Width 14 in
Power Requirements 100 - 240 V, 50 - 60 Hz
Peak Power250 VA
Weight37 kg
Additional Specifications

Injection Loops: 20µL (5µL or 50µL optional)       
Pick-up Volume Range:        
0.1-18µL (20µL loop) in 0.01µL steps Pick-up       
Reproducibility (Injection RSD)       
0.2% at 5µL; 3.0% at 100nL       
Pick-up Linearity:        
BSA: 0.9985 at 0.5-10µL injection volume       
Caffeine: 0.9995 at 0.3-1.6µL injection volume       
Flow Range: Sample pick-up: 0- 40µL/min       
Injection Pump: Single-acting syringe pump (sapphire piston), 140µL volume       
Refill Speed: 40µL/min       
Injection Loop Bypass Volume: 408nL       
<0.05%. Two extra solvents (in addition to water/solvent A) are       
available for repeated custom wash cycles for thorough cleaning of injection needle       
Gradient: 20-2,000 nL/min; 100-1,000 nL/min (rec.)       
Loading and re-equilibration: up to 25µL/min. (back-pressure-limited)       
Gradient Swept Volume: 110nL       
Gradient Pumps: Single-acting syringe pumps (sapphire piston), 140µL vol.       
Valves: 4 identical 6-port, 2 position micro-valves from VICI* Valco*       
Pressure Range: 0 to 1000 Bar       
Retention Time Reproducibility: Typically 0.1- 0.4% RSD at recommended flow       
Sensitivity (Typical Peak Widths): 3 - 5 sec FWHM using 10cm, 50µm ID column with 1.9µm beads       
Mobile Phase Compatibility: Wetted Parts: Fused silica, PEEK, 316 Stainless steel       
MS Drivers: HyStar* 3.2, Thermo Scientific Xcalibur 1.4, 2.0 and 2.1       
Remote Support Secure, direct internet access for rapid, online diagnostics by EASY-nLC experts

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