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Microwave Digestion / Extraction System

The MASTER 40 closed microwave digestion/extraction workstation is the latest innovation from Sineo Microwave. Equipped with a 40-vessel integrated digestion rotor, it was developed after extensive research into customer demands for high throughput capability.
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Features of MASTER 40
  • Temperature and pressure monitoring of each reaction vessel.   
  • High pressures of up to 4MPa can be maintained for long periods.   
  • Simultaneous digestion of 40 samples.   
  • Digestion of organic samples without pretreatment in the weight of 0.5g and above (0.5 to 1.5 g).   
  • The elimination of digestion vessel leakage, sample loss and unclear digestion during heating.   
  • Digestion vessels are inserted horizontally to eliminate any damage caused by vertical force.   
  • Total 40 vessels can be automatically put in or taken out of a chamber at the same time, using the convenient loading system.
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