Horizon Technology - SmartPrep Extractor™

Manufactured by  Horizon Technology
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Intelligent Automated Cartridge System

This Scalable Cartridge Based SPE System delivers unprecedented versatility and intelligent Sample preparation SmartPrep is the first ever automated, small footprint, extraction system designed specifically for scalable cartridge based SPE of a wide range of contaminants in clean aqueous matrices.

SmartPrep combines intelligence, versatility and ease of use making automated SPE simple and affordable for method developers and sample prep laboratories. The system enables the ability to apply unique methods to each sample or process (96) samples in batch mode.

The SmartPrep is compatible with most 1, 3 or 6 mL cartridges.

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Features of SmartPrep Extractor™

System Capabilities:

  • Rinses sample container
  • Modular and scalable | 1-8 systems from one PC
  • Processes up to (12) samples sequentially
  • Small footprint
  • Fractionation | Up to 4 fractions per sample
  • Independent methods per sample
  • Batch mode sample processing

Liquid Handling Features

  • (2) 12 port valves
  • Reagent Manager Assistant
  • Process up to (12) samples per module
  • Reagent mixing station
  • Solid sample sip tubes
  • Segragated reagent and sample waste
  • Inline membrane filter (prevents cartridge clogging)
  • Optional bottle rinse for up to (6) samples
  • Liquid sensing

Intuitive Graphical Software Interface

  • Pre-written library of EPA Methods
  • Ability to pre-program all (12) samples for continuous run
  • Easy method development
  • Pre and Post routines supported
  • Individual method selection for each sample within a single batch run
  • Active status updates for each step & each device
  • Simple data export
  • Solvent volume calculator
  • Dynamic system status updates

Scalable & Modular Design

  • Supports up to (8) SmartPrep™ units on one PC
General Specifications
Depth 22.5 in
Height18 in
Width 8.5 in
Power Requirements 110-240 VAC
Weight43 lbs
Additional Specifications

Cartridge Size: 1, 3, 6 mL

Number of Cartridges: 12

Number of Reagents Supported: 8

Collection Tubes: 20 and 40 mL vials

Sample Volume: 10 mL - 1.0 Liter

Number of Samples: 12 - 96 sequential & up to 8 simultaneously

Gas Requirements: Nitrogen (Max pressure 60 psi)

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