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A flexible system with exceptional reproducibility

The Agilent PL-GPC 220 ensures excellent chromatographic performance across the full operational temperature range, from 30 to 220 °C, whatever the application. It is an extremely powerful system, designed to run almost all polymer, solvent and temperature combinations, with the widest temperature range available on the market.
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Features of PL-GPC 220
  • Unrivalled reproducibility and temperature range. Pumps deliver first class performance and unbeatable flow reproducibility of 0.07%, even in TCB at temperatures above 140 °C 
  • Advanced temperature control and detector technology. Excellent repeatability for consistent and precise results 
  • Enhanced RI sensitivity and stability. Improved Refractive Index detector uses fiber optic technology to maximize sensitivity and minimize baseline drift and noise 
  • Dual-zone heated autosampler. No degradation of samples before injection 
  • Easy access oven with uniform temperature distribution. Multi-heater, forced-air oven controls temperature within 0.05 °C variations per hour to minimize detector baseline drift and ensure reproducible retention times 
  • PC control - simple to program, easy-to-use. Full system management and monitoring permits unattended operation 
  • Advanced Detection. The Agilent PL-BV 400HT Viscometer and Agilent PL-HTLS Light Scattering Detectors can be housed within the PL-GPC220 for a fully integrated GPC system capable of all common forms of GPC 
  • Powerful Data Analysis. The PL-GPC220 collects data straight into Cirrus GPC Software for full GPC analysis of the sample 
  • GPC-FTIR. The PL-GPC220 can be interfaced with an FTIR detector using the Agilent PL HTGPC-FTIR Interface for compositional information on the polymer, especially useful for short chain branching of polyolefins 
  • Sample Preparation. For safe preparation of samples at high temperature see the Agilent PL-SP 260VS Sample Preparation System
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