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Rapid, Microwave-Assisted Organic Synthesis for Processing and Method Development

The Biotage® Initiator+ represents a new generation of instruments for organic, medicinal, materials, nano and polymer chemistry professionals. It is an upgradeable and reliable platform for chemists to make great discoveries. 
The Initiator+ is a flexible system that utilizes all Biotage vials, from 0.2 to 20 mL, in any order or combination, at any time without system modifications, delivering greater flexibility and direct scale-up from milligrams to grams. 
Initiator+ can also be upgraded with automation solutions to achieve higher throughput to save time and cost.
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Features of Initiator+
  • 300°C reaction temperature 
  • 30 bar reaction pressure 
  • In situ temperature measurement 
  • Upgradable to run peptide synthesis 
  • Large 10" touchscreen 
  • Modular automation solutions 
  • Guided step-by-step wizard 
  • Safe and simple
General Specifications
Depth 16.6 in
Height16.6 in
Width 14.4 in
Power Requirements Europe: 220–240 V~, 50 Hz (5 A),
Peak Power1100 VA
Weight48.5 lbs
Additional Specifications

Heating Process  
Temperature range:  
Temperature increase:  
Typically 2-5 °C/sec depending on solvent and 
power applied 
Reaction time:  
Up to 96 hours. 
Typically, most reactions require 2 to 15 minutes of irradiation. 
Pressure range:  
0–302 bar (2 MPa; 290 psi) 
Power range:  
0–400 W from magnetron at 2.45 GHz 
Reaction volumes:  
0.2–20 mL 
Variable magnetic stirrer (300-900 RPM) 
Sample Processor  
Upgradable with Robot Eight / Robot Sixty 
Processing capacity 8 vials / 60 vials 
Rack capacity (large) 2x2 vials / 2x12 vials 
Rack capacity (small) 2x4 vials / 2x30 vials 
System Requirements  
Operating Temperature: 18–32°C 
Storage and transportation temperature: 
-25°C to 60°C 
20–95% at room temperature 
Pressurized air supply: > 60 l/min 
(2.1 cubic feet/min), 2.5 to 4.0 bar 
(0.25 to 0.40 MPa; 36 to 58 psi) 
Max sound level:  
70 dB(A) 
Touch screen:  
Ethernet LAN :  
Complies with IEEE 802.3 (ANSI 8802-3) 
USB 2.0 
Via USB 
Via LAN 
Upgrade Path:  
The Initiator system can be upgraded to an automated 8- or 60-position system, it can also be equipped with the SP Wave module for an automation solution for peptide chemistry, complete with vortex mixer and liquid handling. 
CE, CSA certified

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