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Sapphire 300Sapphire 300® is a direct reading random access fully automated bench top chemistry analyser, providing...

Sapphire 300Sapphire 300® is a direct reading random access fully automated bench top chemistry analyser, providing quality results cost effectively at a rate of 300 tests per hour.
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Features of SAPPHIRE 300
  • Patent pipetting system, accurate and long life 
  • Accuracy to 0.1Μl sampling, optimum laboratory quality with very reliable performance. 
  • Sample volume low to 2Μl 
  • Reaction volume low to 180Μl 
  • Save cost for small labs, consumable compare to big systems. 
  • Reagent cooling with optional On/Off key to keep reagent at best situation, without
  • frequently storing in fridge 
  • Reagent level detection and calculate residual test number 
  • 120 Reusable cuvettes, changeable by set 
  • Reaction cuvettes 7 steps auto-wash 
  • Save cost and prevent problem of carry over 
  • Reaction curve review 
  • Windows based software 
  • Functional run monitor and QC management 
  • User friendly interface 
  • Password protect authorized user 
  • Easy maintenance modular system 
  • Independent Sample and Reagent Probe
General Specifications
Depth 420 mm
Height280 mm
Width 680 mm
Power Requirements 220 ± 5 V AC (or 110 ± 3 V AC, optional), 250 VA, 50/60 Hz
Weight80 kg (main unit with CPU)
Additional Specifications

System General 
System Type:  
Open, Automated, Discrete, Random access, 
Patient Prioritized, Clinical Chemistry Analyzer 
Throughput: 300 Tests / Hour 
Assay Item: Maximum 45 
Water Consumption: 10 Lt / Hour 
Analytical Method: End Point, Kinetic, Fixed Time, Linearity and Nonlinearity 
Programmable Parameters: No limit 
Sample Handling 
Sample Tray: 60 positions / disk, non-fixed sample positions 
including calibrator and control positions 
Sample Volume (Μl): 2 - 50Μl (adjustable in 0.1 Μl step) 
Content of Test: Clinical Chemistry, ITA, TDM, DOA 
Sample Container: Primary tubes of 5, 7 & sample cups 
Sample Probe: Temperature controlled level detection, high 
pressure washing 
Stat Sampling: Immediate access at any positions 
Reagent Handling 
Reagent Tray: 45 positions with Peltier cooling 
Reagent Volume (Μl):  
R1: 25 - 350Μl 
R2: 0 or 10 - 150Μl (adjustable in 1 Μl step) 
Reagent Bottles: 50ml, 20ml 
Reagent Cooling: Ambient minus 12°C, with independent On/Off key 
Residual Vol.: Level detection 
Reagent Probe: Temperature controlled level detection, high 
pressure washing 
Reaction Tray: 120 reusable (5Sets) PMMA cuvettes 
Reaction Volume (Μl): 180 - 500 Μl 
Photometry Optics:  
Mono/bi-chromatic measurement 
8 Wavelengths: 340, 405, 450, 510, 546, 578, 
600, 700nm 
Absorbance Range: 0 - 3.0 
Light Source: Halogen lamp (12V/35W) 
Optical Path:6mm 
Washing Unit: 7 Stages automatic laundry unit 
User Interface 
Display Resolution: 1024 x 768 
Software: Windows 2000 or higher 
Auxiliary Data: Non limit 
Interface: RS-232 C port for Bi-directional Communication 
Run Monitor: Operation status on screen 
Printer: External 
Calibration: Linear (Two Point and Multi Point), Factor and 
Non-linear Multi Point 
Control: Levy-Jennings, Monthly Statics 
Environmental: 15 - 30 10 - 90% rel. Hum.

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