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Audit Diagnostics is very pleased to introduce the Sapphire XT® compact total solution for your drug testing...

Audit Diagnostics is very pleased to introduce the Sapphire XT® compact total solution for your drug testing requirements. 20 Reagent position carrousel, with a throughput of up to 90 tests an hour, this truly is a fully self contained drug analyser of the future.
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Features of SAPPHIRE XT®
  • 90 Tests / Hour   
  • 20 Reagent Positions   
  • Disposable Cuvettes   
  • Autoloading and Disposal   
  • User Interfaced Built in LCD   
  • Barcoded Reagents   
  • Cooled Reagents
General Specifications
Depth 600 mm
Sample Volume2 to 35 μL
Height577 mm
Width 620 mm
Power Requirements 450VA, 220V +/- 10%, 50/60 Hz
Peak Power450 VA
Weight65 kg
Additional Specifications

System: Desktop fully automated random access analyser   
Number of tests on board :20 reagent positions on a tray (ten 50ml and ten 20ml bottle positions)   
Throughput: 90 tests / hr max   
Analytical method / Assay Type: Endpoint and Rate assays, 1 and 2 point   
Calibration curve: Factor, linear, 2 point and multipoint, point to point, log at log, exponential, spline   
Sample Handling   
Contents of test: TDM, DOA, Immunoassay   
Sample Pump Type: Micro Syringe   
Sample number: 90 tests / hr max - up to 10 samples per tray and can handle STAT sample also   
Sample volume: 2 to 35 µl (increments of 0.1µl)   
Automatic dilution: Yes   
STAT sample measurement: Immediate Access and Execution   
Sample identification: External Barcode Reader - this is optional   
Reagent Handling   
Reagent tray: 20 positions cooled   
Reagent Pump Type: Micro Syringe   
Reagent volume: 20 to 350 µl (increments of 1 µl)   
Reagent cooling temperature: Cooling with Peltier element (8 to 15º C)   
Residual volume information: Calculation of remaining reagent volume available   
Reagent identification: Removable tray with reagent bottle holder on a turntable.   
Barcode reagent ID reading with optional handy barcode reader   
Cuvette Tray exchange: Manual   
Cuvette material: Resin (Disposable - automatic loading system)   
Reaction liquid volume: 350 µl Max. in total   
Reaction temperature: 37°C   
Mono + Bio-Chromatic with multi-wavelength   
Diffraction Grating - 8 Wavelengths   
340nm to 800nm - 8 discrete wavelengths by filter   
Light Source: Tungsten halogen lamp   
Linear Range: OD 0 – 2.5 CHECK   
Water Consumption: 2ltrs/hour   
User Interface   
Run Monitor: Operation status on-screen   
Quality Control: Levy-Jennings Graph - Daily/Cumulative   
Data Storage Capacity: Unlimited (user can save data to a USB memory stick)   
Printer: External   
Environmental: 15~30°C 45-85% rel. Hum

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