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Introducing the new Allegra X-14 Series. At 120 volts, it's a great alternative to the higher voltage Allegra X-15R....

Introducing the new Allegra X-14 Series. At 120 volts, it's a great alternative to the higher voltage Allegra X-15R. This benchtop centrifuge is convenient, hardworking, reliable, and will speed up your process, cycle after cycle.     
Available in refrigerated and constant-controlled temperature models, the X-14 Series offers BioCertified features for security from contamination; ARIES Smart Balance Rotor System for faster setup and run times; and a versatile rotor for accommodating tubes, bottles, and microplates. The robust cooling system of our refrigerated model reduces wait time and shortens run cycles.     
Beckman Coulter’s Allegra X-14R 
The best swinging bucket in the industry comes with a Free Microfuge. If you operate a high-throughput lab, get to know the Allegra X-14R, 3 liter benchtop centrifuge. Able to process up to 148 tubes per cycle, this centrifuge delivers maximum performance and cost-effective versatility through a wide variety of available rotors, tubes, bottles, and accessories; all in a convenient 120-volt package. With a powerful, built-in refrigeration system, the X-14R cools more quickly and maintains temperature even at maximum speed. The ARIES Smart Balance Rotor System automatically detects and corrects up to 50 grams of imbalance, which not only reduces mid-run interruptions to save you time, but also helps to minimize instrument wear and tear. BioCertified† rotors, covers, and canisters are tested to ensure potentially harmful aerosols are contained, maintaining safety in the lab. Convenient application packages from Beckman Coulter make your life simpler, accommodating cell culture processing, blood sample preparation, and microplate applications—all in one instrument. Not only can you order everything you need under just one part number, but your work also becomes more efficient. All the items in the package—including the instrument, rotors, adapters, and on—are created to perform together. You can expect easier, faster runs and consistently reliable results. Better still, our scientists are available for consultation. It’s a complete package in every way. 
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Features of Allegra X-14 Series

4 x 750 mL Swinging Bucket Rotor… 4,300 x g in a 120V     

  • ARIES Smart Balance Rotor automatically corrects imbalance up to 50 grams     
  • Versatile rotor accommodates tubes, bottles, and microplates     
  • BioCertified* swinging-bucket and fixed-angle rotors     

Some Key Applications Include:      Filtration and Concentration     

  • 3 mL and larger centrifugal devices     
  • At maximum speed in your swinging bucket rotor     

Fast & Slow Blood Component Spins      Microbial Cell Harvesting     

  • Up to 3 liters     
  • In just 14 minutes     

Skip Steps in Cell Culturing      Centrifuge cells directly in your cell culture flasks     

  • Save time and labor     
  • Eliminate 15 mL or 50 mL conical tubes     
  • Reduce a potential contamination step     

Complete Your Run–Even with Imbalance     

  • ARIESTM Smart Balance Rotor automatically corrects for imbalance     
  • Up to 50 grams opposing loads     
  • Eye balance your samples with confidence     

Enter Values Directly with User-Friendly Prompts     

  • Avoid scrolling     
  • Save time     
  • Minimize training
General Specifications
Centrifuge Type General Purpose
Maximum RCF11419 xg Fixed Angle Rotor
Maximum Speed10200 rpm Fixed Angle Rotor
RefrigeratedYes CFC-Free
Depth 24.5 in
Height13.5 in
Width 30 in
Power Requirements 60 Hz, 120V
Weight283 lbs
Additional Specifications

Drive Type: Brushless Induction     
Max Speed      
Swinging Bucket Rotor: 4,300 rpm     
Fixed Angle Rotor: 10,200 rpm     
Set Temperature: Preset to 20°C     
Acceleration: 10 Profiles     
Audible End-of-Run Tone: Yes     
Automatic Rotor Identification: Yes     
Deceleration: 11 Profiles     
Timed Run: Up to 99 hours, 59 min     
User-Defined Programs: 10     
Ventilation Clearances Required: Sides and Rear: 7.6 cm (3.0 in)     
Relative Centrifugal Field (RCF) at r max      
Swinging Bucket Rotor: 4,303 x g     
Fixed Angle Rotor: 11,419 x g     
Rotor Capacity: 4 x 750 mL

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