Chemometec - NucleoCounter® NC-3000™

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Revolutionary instrument for advanced cell analyses

The NucleoCounter NC-3000 is a full-spectrum fluorescence microscope which provides precise automated detection, quantification and analysis of fluorescence at the single cell level.
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Features of NucleoCounter® NC-3000™

New: User Adaptable Protocols with the FlexiCyte™ Module    The Nucleoview® NC-3000™ FlexiCyte™ module enables the user to perform advanced cell analyses of a broad range of mammalian cells. The usage of protocols that can be modified by the user (so-called “User Adaptable Protocols”). By editing the user adaptable protocols, it is possible to control excitation times for selected light sources, include or exclude aggregated cells, and setting the minimum number of cells to be analyzed.   

True plug and play    The NC-3000 comes ready-to-use straight out of the box with predefined parameters. Just plug it into the power outlet, connect the computer and you are ready to analyse. NC-3000 comes with an intuitive software that allows you to perform sophisticated cellular analyses with just 3 easy clicks.   

Choose between a wide variety of predefined assays    To aid the user in the day to day cell analyses the NC-3000 works on the principle of predefined assays with integrated collection, analysis and reporting of data that allows complex analyses to be run fully automated. All done in less than 1 minute   

Avoid the trouble of doing complex post processing of your data    Image analysis, calculations and data reporting are performed automatically assuring superior and standardized results even with different users.   

  • Excellent precision and reproducibility   
  • Extreme ease of use   
  • Fast and standardized analysis   
  • Direct cell counts   
  • No maintenance, no service, no calibration
General Specifications
Counting Time60 sec (max)
Depth 31 cm
Sample Volume0.2 to 20 ml
Height29 cm
Width 29 cm
Power Requirements 100-240V~ 50-60Hz
Peak Power50 W
Weight14 kg
Additional Specifications

Optics: Lens with x 2 magnification, 1/2” CCD with 1360 x 1024 pixels   
Sample device: NC-3000 cassettes, NC-3000 disposable chamber slides (2 and 8 chambers per slide)   
Excitation (nm): Seven LED light sources with peaks at 365, 405, 455, 475, 500, 525 and 625 (standard-version)   
Blue = optional   
Emission (nm): Nine interchangeable emission filters: 410-450, 415-525, 450-500, 500-555, 520-595, 555-605,   
595-750, 630-1100, 675-800 (standard version) Blue = optional   
Sample consumption: 60 Μl (cassettes) < 30 Μl (A2 slides) < 9 Μl (A8 slides)   
Analyzed volume: 1-4 Μl sample (cassettes), 0.2-20 Μl sample (chamber slides)   
Optimal Range: 5 x 104 - 5 x 106 cells/ml (for counting)   
Cell types: Mammalian cells, yeast, insect cells   
PC Platform: Windows XP SP3 or Windows 7, USB 2.0, Screen minimum 1024 x 768, recommended 2 GB RAM   
Analysis time: Typical 15-60 seconds   
Data presentation: Images, tables, histograms, scatter plo

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