Chemometec - NucleoCounter® SP-100™

Manufactured by  Chemometec
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For total count of sperm cells and viability

The NucleoCounter SP-100 offers unique ease of use and effective determination of total cell concentration and cell viability in a sperm sample from ejaculates or extended doses. As the NucleoCounter SP-100 is very simple to operate the measurements can be performed by operators with only limited training in laboratory work.   
The compact instrument fits perfectly in any research, quality control or production site. The measurement range of the NucleoCounter SP-100 is virtually unlimited due to dilution prior to the analysis.
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Features of NucleoCounter® SP-100™
  • Excellent reproducibility   
  • No interference from gel particles and other contaminants in semen   
  • No extender interference (e.g. from egg yolk and milk)   
  • Easy operation   
  • Total Cell Count in 30 sec.   
  • Calibration free   
  • No cleaning   
  • Maintenance and service free   
  • Portable/compact   
  • Safe sample handling and disposal
General Specifications
Counting Time30 sec (total count)
Depth 22 cm
Height26 cm
Width 38 cm
Weight3 kg
Additional Specifications

Loading volume: 60 Μl is loaded into the SP1-Cassette   
Measurement volume: 1 Μl in the measurement chamber of the SP1-Cassette   
Analysis time: Total count: 30 seconds. Non Viable count 80 seconds   
Measurement range: Higher than 1 mill. cells/ml   
Software: SemenView computer software for documentation and presentation - included   
Printer: External printer for documentation - optional

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