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Multiplex Humidity Desiccators

Terra’s NitroPlex™ Desiccator Control System optimizes nitrogen purge efficiency for the most demanding applications, when every second of moisture exposure counts. 
The NitroPlex™ is the only humidity control system that combines the monitoring and control capabilities required in zero-tolerance applications with miniaturized semiconductor components, bio/pharmaceutical samples and other moisture-sensitive materials.
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Features of NitroPlex™

Chamber-by-Chamber Multiplexed % Monitor/Control  A separate high-accuracy, miniaturized humidity module in each desiccator chamber provides independent monitor/control capability. Each module can be programmed locally or remotely to maintain a humidity set point from ambient down to 0%. 

Nitrogen is directed only where needed to keep the % level below the critical set point. 

Cuts System Recovery Time to Seconds  Desiccators controlled by a flowmeter may require an hour or more to regain a humidity set point after a chamber access door is opened. When doors are opened repeatedly, humidity levels can remain above the critical set point for an entire work day. 

Testing shows that the NitroPlex™ cuts this recovery time by over 400% in a 4-chamber desiccator (see sidebar below). In Terra's Microccator™ this recovery time is cut to a matter of seconds, eliminating moisture-caused damage. 

Product Safety Alarm  The NitroPlex™ eliminates another common cause of moisture exposure: access doors mistakenly left open or ajar. The system directs a high-flow nitrogen purge to any chamber the moment its door is opened. If the door remains opened longer than a specified delay time, the NitroPlex™ issues warning alarms to alert personnel to the problem.

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