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Versatile FPLC purification of proteins and peptides.

ÄKTApurifier, together with ÄKTAdesign automation kits, ensure that purification efforts are always focused on target proteins of interest. Purification can be performed at microgram, milligram or gram scale, depending on the system and kits selected. Optional ÄKTAdesign automation kits and hardware allow functionality to be added on when application needs change. By making a few simple choices at the beginning, you can find the ÄKTApurifier configuration that’s right for your lab. For purification of proteins at microgram and milligram scale, choose an ÄKTApurifier 10 system. Purification of proteins up to gram scale quantities of protein is easily achieved with any of the ÄKTApurifier 100 systems.       
There are three core ÄKTApurifier systems at each flow with essential functions for versatile FPLC.       
1. ÄKTApurifier comes in standard configurations equipped with a triple wavelength UV monitor that allows detection of a wide range of proteins and contaminants. Together with the optional Monitor pH/C-900, temperature, pH and conductivity are measured in the flow path.       
2. ÄKTApurifier plus is an extended version of ÄKTApurifier. With ÄKTApurifier plus, the most widely used automation kits are pre-installed and pre-tested, and you get hassle-free purification and increased automation right from the start.       
3. ÄKTApurifier UPC systems offer robust monitoring of UV absorption at a single wavelength, as well as simultaneous conductivity and pH. These systems are economical alternatives and are designed for basic purification tasks.
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Features of AKTA Purifier
  • Increased automation for convenient optimization of protein purification with extended configuration from the start with ÄKTApurifier plus       
  • Versatile system configurations with automation kits for all ÄKTApurifier systems       
  • Reproducible results       
  • Available with different pumps and monitors to fit a broad range of applications       
  • Fast and easy start to purification - UNICORN method wizard enables easy programming
General Specifications
Depth 460 mm
Height620 mm
Width 500 mm
Power Requirements 100-120/220-240 VAC- 50-60 Hz
Weight75 kg

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