Apricot Designs - PP 96 S Series

Manufactured by  Apricot Designs
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Automated 6-station, syringe-based 96-channel pipettor for plate replication, plate reformatting, reagent addition, PCR setup, and Maldi spotting.

The PP-96S-100 offers 96 channel high performance positive displacement pipetting that is ideal for low-volume multichannel microplate pipetting applications. The microprocessor-controlled pipetting mechanism uses 96 individual syringes and provides accurate and precise positive displacement pipetting of nanoliter or microliter volumes of samples into 96 or 384-well microplates. The high-speed pipetting system provides short processing times by delivering liquids through up to 96 channels simultaneously with precise volume control.           
The Personal Pipettor (PP) is a popular series of affordable liquid handling systems with the versatility and reliability required for today’s demanding laboratory environment. The PP series offers the majority of automated features that many laboratories need at a reasonable price, making it possible for each technician to truly have their own “personal” pipettor.           
The PP-96S-100 uses 96 precision glass syringes for positive displacement pipetting. This provides an ideal complement for the PP series for situations where positive displacement is a requirement, such as for very low-volume applications or specialized applications such as PCR setup. or Maldi spotting. The PP-96S will automatically index the pipetting head if necessary for accessing 384-well plates.
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Features of PP 96 S Series
  • Flexible design for for liquid transfers and pipetting operations for 96 and 384-well microplates.           
  • 96 high-performance glass syringe drive mechanism.           
  • 5-position deck with wash station allows walkaway reformatting of 4x96 to 1x384 or 1x384 to 4x96.           
  • Intuitive graphical user interface via serial interface control via laptop/PC.           
  • Small footprint conserves bench space and fits easily into suitably-sized hoods.           

Options            Optional Bluetooth wireless control for serial connection to computer.           

Automation            The open deck design makes it easy to use robotics to supply labware to the PP series. It can be integrated as part of an automation workcell by combining it with laboratory automation software and robotics from Apricot’s partner company Biosero, Inc.           

Applications            Plate replication            Plate reformatting            Reagent addition            Compound addition            PCR Setup            Maldi spotting

General Specifications
Depth 19 in
Maximum Dispensing Volume100 μL
Height23.5 in
Width 28 in
Power Requirements 100-240 VAC, 50/60Hz
Weight98 lbs
Dispensing TypeMulti-channel
Additional Specifications

Dispensing Precision           
< 2% CV at 500 nl; < 3 % CV at 100 nl           
Dispensing Accuracy           
+/- 2% at 100 nl           
Pipette Volume           
0.1 - 100 ul

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