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BD CSampler Automated Flow Cytometry. Now It's Easy.

Now, you can prepare your samples in 96-well plates and take them straight to the flow cytometer without the need to transfer them into test tubes first, saving both time and additional steps. BD CSampler is compatible with 48- and 96-well microplates and deep well plates, and also comes with a 24-tube rack for standard 12x75mm tubes. Multiple experiments can be run in a single plate, with settings being applied to specific wells or the entire plate, with the ability to construct templates.
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Features of CSampler®
  • Fix, stain and analyze in a 96-well plate without the need to transfer samples to tubes,   
  • Conserve precious sample,   
  • Reduce routine costs,   
  • Minimize other manual labor that results in avoidable errors,   
  • With walk-away convenience.
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