Glen Creston - Mortar & Pestle Mill

Manufactured by  Glen Creston
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Rapid micro-fine particle size reduction

Models MP1, MP2 & MP3  
Floor standing models 
Friction between the mortar and the pestle causes the pestle to rotate and being free to float up and down adjusts itself to take under the pestle larger particles of material. Each model can be fitted with either stainless steel or cast iron mortar and pestle. The CA1 is also available with hard acid resisting porcelain mortar and pestle. 
Model MP5 
Bench model 
Can be fitted with either polished agate or tool steel mortar and pestle. Fitted with quick release clamps which can be adjusted to vary grinding pressure. 
Model MP4 
Bench model 
For wet as well as dry processing. 
Weighted pestle which is offset in the mortar floats in the hinged arm bracket by means of a quick release set screw.
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Features of Mortar & Pestle Mill
  • Floor standing version 
  • Bench mounted models 
  • Choice of mortars & pestles 
  • Safety interlock guards 
  • Mortar heating facility on selected modes 

Particularly suitable for: Rock, Ores, Soild, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals Minerals, Spices, Leaves

General Specifications

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Series Modals

Glen Creston - MP1

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Glen Creston - MP2

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Glen Creston - MP3

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Glen Creston - MP4

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Glen Creston - MP5

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