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The NanoDrop™ 1000> Spectrophotometer enables highly accurate UV/Vis analyses of 1 ul samples with...

The NanoDrop™ 1000 Spectrophotometer enables highly accurate UV/Vis analyses of 1 ul samples with remarkable reproducibility. The patented sample retention system eliminates the need for cuvettes and capillaries which decreases the measurement cycle time. In addition, the high absorbance capability eliminates the need for most dilutions. You’ll find yourself making fewer dilutions and taking more readings than ever before, essentially becoming a more quantitative laboratory.

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Features of NanoDrop 1000

The NanoDrop 1000 offers many benefits:

  • Small samples: designed for 1 ul samples
  • Large dynamic range: measures 2-3700 ng/ul (dsDNA) on a single sample. No need to change out cuvettes or caps.
  • High absorbance capability: 50 times that of traditional spectrophotometers
  • No Dilutions for most samples
  • No extra costs for consumables
  • Full Spectrum (220-750nm)
  • 10 second measurement time
  • No cuvettes or capillaries
  • Sample is recoverable
  • Small size (size of a tissue box)
  • Easy set up (plug and play)
  • Software designed for life sciences.
  • Free software upgrades
General Specifications
Light SourceXenon flash lamp
Photodetector Diode Array
Depth 20 cm
Height12 cm
Width 15 cm
Power Requirements 12 Vdc, 6 W consumption, 1.5 W standby consumption
Weight3 kg
Additional Specifications

Sample Size: 1 microliter
Path Length: 1 mm (with auto-ranging to 0.2 mm)
Wavelength Accuracy: 1 nm
Wavelength Resolution: 3 nm (FWHM at Hg 546 nm)
Absorbance Precision: 0.003 absorbance ( 1mm path)
Absorbance Accuracy: 2% (at 0.76 absorbance at 257 nm)
Absorbance Range: 0.02-75 (10 mm equivalent absorbance)
Detection Limit: 2 ng/microliter (dsDNA)
Maximum Concentration: 3700 ng/microliter (dsDNA)
Measurement Cycle Time: 10 seconds
Sample Pedestal Material of Construction: 303 stainless steel and quartz fiber
Operating Voltage: 12 Vdc
Operating Power Consumption: 6 W
Standby Power Consumption: 1.5 W
CE Approval: Units sold in Europe, Australia and New Zealand
UL/CSA Approval: Units sold in N. America, S. America, Asia and Africa
Included in system: software, compatible with Windows 2000 or XP

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