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Elix® Advantage water purification system, Consistent Type 2 pure water for all your analytical needs

Water produced by the Elix Advantage system meets or exceeds Type 2 water quality (corresponding to analytical-grade water) as defined by ASTM®, CLSI® and ISO® 3696/BS 3997. Elix Advantage System water also complies with the purified water requirements from the US, Japanese and European Pharmacopeias.  
The Elix Advantage system provides consistent, reliable pure water—saving you time and money. Combining Millipore’ s patented Elix electrodeionization technology with the most advanced purification technologies, the Elix Advantage system uses potable tap water as feed to produce consistent, high quality pure water for all your lab’s needs.  
The system provides pressurized, bacteria-free pure water through the E-POD (Elix Point-of-Delivery) units.  
The compact water production unit is adapted to laboratory space constraints and can be installed on the wall or under a sink, saving valuable bench space. The exceptional ergonomic design of the E-POD allows for manual or volumetric dispensing of pure water to fill a variety of laboratory vessels (up to a 5 L Erlenmeyer flask or 20 L carboy).  
The system is modular and easily adaptable to evolve with the changes in your lab. Up to three E-PODS can be added per system. There are several application-specific final filters, which can be added to the E-POD units for additional contaminant removal.
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Features of Elix Advantage
  • Pure water from potable tap water (up to 300 L/day depending on model)  
  • Easy to install all-in-one pretreatment pack, which efficiently removes contaminants from tap water  
  • Advanced reverse osmosis, with a constant product flow rate and reject recovery loop to optimize water consumption  
  • Millipore’s patented Elix module, which uses electricity (instead of harsh chemicals and water) to continuously regenerate the resins and remove ions from tap water  
  • Best-in-class monitoring: the resistivity measurement is displayed by the Elix Advantage system, and the system’s self-maintenance functions for the reverse osmosis membrane and cleaning cycles ensure optimum water quality.  

Applications   The pure water from the Elix system can be used for laboratory applications such as reagent and buffer preparation, microbiology media preparation, histology applications, purified water for pharmaceutical applications (according to US, Japanese and European Pharmacopeias), and feed for laboratory equipment (washing machines, clinical analyzers, stability chambers, humidifiers, autoclaves, and weatherometers).

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