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Microelectrode Amplifier

A microelectrode amplifier that combines leading edge electronics design and a wealth of features and functions with an intuitive user interface that simplifies the creation of complex protocols. 
The Multiclamp™ 700B Microelectrode Amplifier combines leading edge electronics design and a wealth of features and functions with an intuitive user interface that simplifies the creation of complex protocols. The applications for this amplifier comprise a wide variety of intracellular or extracellular recordings in electrophysiology, including: 
  1. Patch clamp (whole-cell, macro-patch, or excised patch) 
  2. High-speed current clamp (sharp-electrode or field potentials) 
  3. Voltammetry/amperometry 
  4. Ion-selective measurements 
  5. Bilayer recordings 
With two independent primary headstages and an additional two auxiliary headstages, the Multiclamp 700B Microelectrode Amplifier houses the solution for almost any conceivable electrophysiology recording in one slim, convenient package. Instead of front panel knobs and switches, the MultiClamp 700B Amplifier is controlled by Multiclamp 700B Commander software, a program that runs on a host computer (PC and Macintosh; see Requirements below) and communicates with the amplifier via a USB interface. The intuitive user interface of MultiClamp Commander gives the operator full control of all amplifier functions, while the Quick Select feature enables easy access to saved configurations that apply to particular recording configurations. The optional, user-configurable SoftPanel lets you operate the most commonly used controls using traditional knobs and buttons. 
The Multiclamp 700B Amplifier comes standard with two independent CV-7B headstages, each of which contains both current-to-voltage and voltage-following circuitry. This design allows the user to rapidly switch between patch clamp recording and true high-speed current clamp recording. Thus, with two headstages, the Multiclamp 700B Amplifier can perform the function of two patch clamp amplifiers, two current clamp amplifiers, or a combination of patch and current clamp amplifiers. Furthermore, two optional voltage-follower headstages (HS-2 type) can be connected to auxiliary inputs to allow third- and fourth-point voltage recording. 
Major new features of the Multiclamp 700 B Amplifier include Internal Automatic Mode switching, triggered by external signals or the recording itself; Oscillation Suppression for better cell protection; and Slow Current Injection to compensate for drifting potentials. For more information and a full listing of features and specifications, go to the Specifications tab below or download the manual in the Downloads section.
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Features of Axon Multiclamp 700B
  • Support of up to four headstages makes the Multiclamp 700B System four amplifiers in one. 
  • Software control of all amplifier settings for automated optimization features, reduction of manipulation steps, and convenient, reliable telegraphing. 
  • Quick Select Feature recalls up to three saved amplifier configurations for fast, reproducible application switching. 
  • Optional SoftPanel allows amplifier control using knobs and buttons for a more conventional feel to amplifier control. 
  • Integrated seal test in voltage- and current-clamp mode for easy monitoring of membrane and cell health parameters. 
  • Dual Command Potentials add flexibility by processing input signals from two different sources. 
  • Selectable command sensitivity for flexible control of the output waveform. 
  • Pipette offset compensation with auto-mode quickly removes signal offsets. 
  • Automatic pipette capacitance compensation requires only the push of a button to neutralize the contribution of the glass pipette and the pipette holder to the capacitance of the circuitry. 
  • Series resistance compensation: Prediction helps achieve the desired command level faster by transiently supercharging the membrane potential. 
  • Series resistance compensation: Correction improves the bandwidth of the recording by eliminating the error introduced by the voltage drop across the series resistance. 
  • Automatic cell capacitance compensation corrects for the capacitance of the cell membrane in whole-cell recordings with a single mouse click. 
  • Automatic mode switching enables you to control the transition between voltage and current clamp by an external trigger or depending on the recorded signal. 
  • Automatic oscillation detection prevents damage to a cell when electrical  feedback occurs. 
  • Leak subtraction for automatic correction of leak currents with a smart, software-based algorithm. 
  • Selectable output gain with 11 settings to scale the output signal to the desired level. 
  • Audio monitor for acoustic tracking of the signal while you are busy looking down a microscope. 
  • Fine-tunable 4-pole bessel and butterworth low-pass filters act as anti-aliasing filters and can be used to pre-condition the output signal.
General Specifications
Depth 12 in
Height3.5 in
Width 19 in
Power Requirements 85-260 VAC 50-60 Hz, 30 W max
Weight10 lbs
Additional Specifications

Headstage (in.): 0.875 (H) x 1.625(W) x 2.3125 (D) 
Channels: 2 (sharing a common ground) 
Communications: USB 1 Type B female ports 
Rack use: Standard 19" rack-mount (2U) with handles 
Benchtop use: Bayonet feet 
Safety: CE marking (Conformité Européenne)

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