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Thermal Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope

The JSM-7800F represents a significant leap forward in Field Emission SEM technology, with unmatched resolution and stability for imaging and analysis. JEOL's highest performance FE-SEM makes it possible to:

  • Observe the finest structural morphology of nanomaterials at 1,000,000X magnification with sub-1nm resolution
  • Collect large area EBSD maps at low magnifications without distortion
  • Perform low kV imaging and analysis of highly magnetic samples.
  • Image thin, electron transparent samples with sub 0.8 nm resolution using an optional retractable STEM detector
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Features of JSM-7800F

Extreme resolution

The newly developed super hybrid objective lens provides extreme resolution of 0.8nm at 15kV and 1.2nm at 1kV. With a very low incident electron energy, extremely fine surface structures are revealed. The distribution of materials can be observed even at 0.5kV.

Fast and high precision analysis

The aperture angle optimizing lens keeps the electron probe small even at large probe currents. A large probe current allows you to analyze samples quickly without sacrificing the precision and quality of the analyses. A variety of analytical systems including EDS, WDS, and EBSD are available. Distortion free EBSD patterns are obtained for high precision crystal structure analysis.

High stability, consistency in acquired data

The in-lens thermal FEG produces an extremely stable probe current. The Highest Performance is always available when you need it. Results obtained by multiple users or on different days are consistent and easy to compare.

No limitation in specimens

The super hybrid lens is a field free lens at the analytical working distance. Magnetic samples can be observed and analyzed at high magnification. Non conductive samples are easily observed.

Come closer to the nano-world

The newly developed super hybrid objective lens brings you closer to the nano-world. The objective lens delivers superb high resolution even at extremely low incident electron energies. This is necessary to observe and analyze nano size structures. The super hybrid objective lens can be used to observe and analyze magnetic materials at high magnifications.

Fe3O4 nano-particle cluster

The super hybrid lens allows you to study magnetic materials at high magnifications.

General Specifications
Electron Microscope TypeSEM
Microscope TypeElectron
Additional Specifications

SEI Resolution:

  • 1.0nm at 15kV
  • 0.8nm at 15kV, GB mode
  • 1.5nm at 1.0kV
  • 1.2nm at 1.0 kV, GB mode
  • 3.0nm at 100V, GB ode
  • 3.0nm, 15kV, 5nA, EDS WD of 10mm

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