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Thermo Scientific - Barnstead RO

Manufactured by  Thermo Scientific
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The Barnstead™RO is a robust and automatic reverse osmosis system that delivers reverse osmosis Type III water...

The Barnstead™RO is a robust and automatic reverse osmosis system that delivers reverse osmosis Type III water for general lab use or for use as a feed source to our ultrapure water systems.     It offers great flexiblity and simplicity – all in a compact design to maximize your lab space.     Combining multiple purification steps in a single system, the Barnstead RO includes many innovative features including Membrane Protection System to enhance membrane performance; new pump technology for very quiet operation; and a sophisticated control panel for comprehensive system monitoring.
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Features of Barnstead RO

The Barnstead RO system delivers a flexible and automatic solution for delivering reverse osmosis water to your laboratory.  

It is ideally suited for general lab use such as glassware washing or as a water feed to our ultrapure water systems such as the Barnstead NANOpure, EASYpure II or E-pure.  

The Barnstead RO system delivers innovations including:  

Flexible, Compact Design  

  • Three systems available – 6, 12 or 24 liters/hour flow rates – to best suit your lab’s needs.  
  • Easily mounts on wall or bench without additional components.  

Advanced Technology  

  • New pump technology on 12 and 24 liter/hour systems enables extremely quiet operation  
  • Membrane Protection System (MPS) with automatic flush capability cleanses RO membranes to prevent scale build-up and extend membrane life and performance  
  • MPS cartridge eliminates the need to soften your water  

Automatic Operation  

  • Advanced controls enable fully automatic operation  
  • Easy-to-read control panel allows system monitoring with indicator lights that display vital system information including membrane performance, reservoir level and carbon status  
  • Remote Mounting accessory allows you to mount your controls and indicators up to 10 feet (3 meters) away  

Easy to Use and Maintain  

  • One model supports all voltages  
  • CSA and CE listed  
  • Complete system package includes all required components including prefilter, MPS cartridge, extruded carbon filter and membrane(s)
General Specifications

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Additional Specifications

Chlorine Tolerate To : 1000 ppm-hours  
Feed Water : 3/8

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Thermo Scientific - D12651

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Thermo Scientific - D12661

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Thermo Scientific - D12671

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