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Thermogravimetry with maximum efficiency and versatility

The TG 409 CD is based on the classic concept of a thermobalance in a vertically-arranged instrument with top-loaded samples. This design ensures total protection of the digital balance, which is on the bottom, through accurate flow of the purge and protective gases in a natural vertical path to the top, with optimal conditions for coupling FTIR and MS gas analysis systems to the heated furnace outlet. The variety of materials available for components and seals that come into contact with the gases means that measurements are also possible in corrosive gas atmospheres. 
Single and double hoist systems for the different types of exchangeable furnaces open up the extremely broad temperature range of -160°C to 2000°C, supported by a multitude of sample carriers and crucibles. 
The TGA sample carriers are always equipped with a thermocouple for direct measurement of the temperature at the sample crucible. There are a number of different thermocouple types to choose from, depending on the application. 
The TG 409 CD is also designed for simultaneous TGA-DSC or simultaneous TGA-DTA measurements. The TGA sample carriers can be exchanged with TGA-DSC or TGA-DTA sample carriers in a matter of seconds so that a cost-effective upgrade can be made at any time into a very powerful and versatile STA. 
When equipped with the Skimmer mass spectrometer coupling, the TG 409 CD becomes the most sophisticated instrument on the market for the analysis of condensable vapors that evolve from a sample at temperatures ranging up to 1450°C or 2000°C.
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Features of TG 409 CD
  • Mass flow controller for two purge gases and a protective gas (optional) 
  • Vacuum-tight assembly up to 10-4 mbar (10-2 Pa) 
  • c-DTA® for the calculated DTA-signal, ideal for temperature calibration 
  • TGA-DSC and TGA-DTA sample carriers for real simultaneous operation 
  • Coupling to FTIR, MS and GC-MS over a heatable adapter (option) 
  • Extension with unique PulseTA® system (option) 
  • Skimmer coupling for mass spectrometer (1450°C or 2000°C) (option)
General Specifications
Temperature Range-160 to 2000 °C
Additional Specifications

Heating and cooling rates: 0.01 K/min ... 100 K/min (dependent on furnace) 
Weighing range: 25000 mg 
Resolution: 5 mg 
Atmospheres: inert, oxidizing, reducing, corrosive (to be discussed), static, dynamic

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