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AppliTOC® On-line TOC analyzer

The AppliTOC® is AppliTek's flagship for determining the organic load or organic contamination in water matrices, with many references around the Globe. The technology as incorporated in the AppliTOC® is the well established UV persulphate method assuring full compliance with international standard methods (see below). The on-line analyzer is a versatile system available in several configurations measuring TOC, TIC, TC or "True" TOC. With appropriate sample preconditioning systems, mainly self-cleaning filtration systems, an up-time of more than 98% is forehand. VNC ready: the user interface can remotely be taken over by means of LAN Ethernet software.
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Features of AppliTOC®
  • Analysis method compliant with standard methods 5310C, EN1484 and EPA 415.1   
  • Hot UV / persulfate method allows true continuous measurements   
  • Human interface: 5.7" color touch screen with function buttons. Used as the standard interface for result graphs, settings, manual checking, exporting analysis data and problem solving. Can remotely be taken over by LAN ethernet software (VNC).   
  • Standard auto-calibration, auto-validation and auto-cleaning   
  • Outstanding reliability and accuracy thanks to the use of first class and robust wet-part components: low-speed peristaltic pumps, oxidation reactor and robust auto-zeroing IR detector.   
  • Incorporated industrial PC with result & alarm data export (1000 results including sample stream, date, time)   
  • Multifunctional sealed USB port on left side of the housing (result download, program upload, reporting)   
  • Communication: active 4 - 20 mA, Ethernet, RS232, TCP-IP
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