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Barnstead™ Mega-Pure™ Glass Stills

The Barnstead Mega-Pure all-glass stills deliver ultrapure Type II water and are available in five production capacities from 1.4 - 12 LPH.    
The Barnstead Mega-Pure includes a vertical condenser design and Pyrex®, Vycor® and Teflon® components to maximize water purity and eliminate cross-contamination.
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Features of Barnstead MegaPure Glass Stills

The Barnstead Mega-Pure is a glass distillation system that delivers Type II water purity. The stills are available with five production capacities to meet your lab’s needs.    

Maximum Water Purity    

  • Vertical condenser design helps ensure high purity water     
  • Pyrex®, Vycor® and Teflon® components eliminate cross-contamination    

Outstanding Protection    

  • High-temperature cut-off prevents heating element burn-out in the event there is a disruption in water to the still     

Automatic Operation    

  • Easily connects to a Mega-Pure Automatic Collection System (ACS) ensuring a 24-hour automatic operation    
  • Feedwater solenoid valve enables the system to operate automatically.    

Convenient, Easy-to Use    

  • Quick release cover for easy access for cleaning    
  • Wall or bench mounting accommodates different space requirements    

The Barnstead Mega-Pure Glass Stills Family     The Barnstead Mega-Pure Glass Stills family includes five all-glass stills with different production capacities.    

Barnstead Mega-Pure MP-1    

  • Compact, easy-to-use 1.4 LPH glass still    
  • Available with or without a storage bottle    

Barnstead Mega-Pure MP-3A, MP-6A, MP-11A    

  • 3.4, 6.0 and 13 LPH capacities meeting the volume requirements of your lab.    

Barnstead Mega-Pure MP-12A    

  • 12 LPH capacity    
  • Built-in deionizer for pretreated feed to boiler    
  • Distillate cooler enables immediate water use eliminating the need for waiting for the distilled water to cool.
General Specifications

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Additional Specifications

Auto Drain : No    
Auto Start/Stop Controls : Yes    
Condenser Water Boiler Temp (°C) : 60.9    
Vent Temp °C : 85 - 96.7    
Feedwater Temp °C : 4 - 37    
Feedwater Type : Tap/Pretreated    
Inlet Pressure psig : 20 - 100

Series Modals

Thermo Scientific - MP-1

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Thermo Scientific - MP-11A

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Thermo Scientific - MP-12A

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Thermo Scientific - MP-3A

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Thermo Scientific - MP-6A

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