Aurora Biomed - CRYSTA 500

Manufactured by  Aurora Biomed
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Crystal Series Lab Water Purification Systems

The Crysta 500 produces both deionized and reverse osmosis Type 2 pure lab water directly from tap water. Using a stepwise filtration system that allows for exceptional purifying efficiency, it produces Type 2 water at a desalination rate of =99% and a virus elimination rate of =99.5%. The Crysta 500 delivers this water at the touch of a one-button dispense option and is ideal for general scientific applications in media preparation and high purity glassware rinsing.
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Features of CRYSTA 500
  • Automatic reverse osmosis membrane flush after system is turned on and after each dispensing use  
  • Automatic production of reverse osmosis water for storage in internal tank  
  • Timed dispense mode for convenient walk away unattended operation  
  • Auditive alarm for cartridge change when resistivity drops below users preset values  
  • One touch automatic dispensing option in multiple modes  
  • Real-time display of water resistivity, outlet temperature, total dissolved solid concentrations of inlet and outlet water, and remaining cartridge longevity
General Specifications
Depth 36 cm
Flow Rate15 L/hr
Height50 cm
Width 54 cm
Water Purification MethodRO
Weight25 kg
TOC30 ppb

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