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Barnstead™ Classic Stills

The Barnstead Classic Stills are a durable and reliable Type II water distillation system using time-tested design innovations, including:  
Exceptional Water Quality  
  1. Durable copper and bronze with inert pure tin lining prevents contaminants from leaching into water  
  2. Vented condenser strips gaseous impurities  
  3. Unique deconcentrator removes scale-forming impurities from boiler  
  4. Q-Baffle® strips contaminant-laden water droplets from steam to ensure high-quality, pyrogen-free water  
Outstanding Protection  
Low water cut-off on all units except the 0.5 GPH model prevents still burn-out during feedwater interruption  
High Energy Efficiency  
Pre-heated feedwater from the condenser feeding the boiler and double-walled boiler conserves energy  
Robust, Flexible Design  
  1. Time-tested design originally introduced a century ago  
  2. Available in capacities of 0.5, 1, 2, 5 & 10 GPH  
  3. Space-saving horizontal condenser  
  4. Bench, floor or wall-mounted  
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Features of Barnstead Classic Stills

Common Features of Electric Classic Stills A1011, A1013, A1015, A1016 and Steam A1212, A1213  

  • Feedwater preheated in condenser conserves energy.  
  • Double-walled boiler conserves electricity.  
  • Inert pure tin water pathways assures product water quality.  
  • Vented condenser allows for stripping of gaseous impurities.  
  • Unique deconcentrator removes scale forming impurities from the boiler.  
  • Q-Baffle® ensures high quality pyrogen free product water by stripping contaminant laden water droplets from steam.  
  • Space-saving horizontal condenser.  
  • Bench, floor, or wall mounted.  
  • Metal construction withstands years of use.  

Specific Features of A1011, A1013, A1015, A1016   Electric Stills  

  • Operates on a wide variety of electrical services.  
  • Capacities range from 1, 2, 5 & 10 gallons per hour.  
  • Many options are available which include fully automatic controls.  
  • Includes low water cut-off to protect heating elements from burn-out when water supply is interrupted.  
  • All stills require 2 separate input power supplies; 120V supply for low water cut-off and rated voltage for contactor and heating elements.  
  • Specific Features of A1007 Economical Electrical Portable Stills  
  • Produces high quality distilled water at the rate of .5 GPH (1.9 lph).  
  • Ideal for educational and other labs with moderate pure water requirements.  
  • Requires no permanent plumbing or electrical connections, and can be set up for operation in minutes.  
  • Includes low water cut-off safety protection.  

Specific features of A1212, A1213   Steam Stills  

  • Utilizes available in-house steam as heat source.  
  • 5 & 10 GPH sizes available.  
  • Bench, floor, or wall mounted.
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Series Modals

Thermo Scientific - A1007

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Thermo Scientific - A1011-A, A1011-B

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Thermo Scientific - A1013-B, A1013-C

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Thermo Scientific - A1015-B, A1015-C, A1015-D

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Thermo Scientific - A1016-X003, A1016-D, A1016-F

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Thermo Scientific - A1212

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Thermo Scientific - A1213

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