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Beckman Coulter - Optima L-90K

Manufactured by  Beckman Coulter
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Unmatched versatility, reliability and safety.

Beckman Coulter's Optima L Series Ultracentrifuges enable you to perform more separations in less time. Perfect for applications such as high-purity plasmid DNA, subcellular particles and virus isolations, this versatile floor model operates with a broad range of superb rotors, including zonal and continuous flow for large-volume separations. The Optima L Series offers the reliability of a vacuum-encased induction drive, the simplicity of user-friendly, microprocessor-based control, and an environmentally-friendly cooling system that eliminates the need for CFCs and other harmful liquid refrigerants. All this makes the Optima L Series the right choice for your laboratory's routine separation needs.
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Features of Optima L-90K
  • Putting a smart new spin on your research.      The innovative rotors we've built for the Optima L are designed, manufactured and tested as a system from the inside out to make sure you get the highest quality of separation in the shortest possible time-safely and reliably. The increased efficiency of our SW 32 Ti series rotors can reduce run times. And thanks to a slight angle that positions contaminants away from the bands of interest, our NVT rotors deliver the highest purity in the shortest possible time.     
  • Innovative drive technology.      Optima L utilizes the most advanced materials and technology to achieve the high performance needed - up to 100,000 rpm - for extending the boundaries of research. Plus, the air-cooled design of our drives delivers the most energy-efficient ultracentrifugation system ever made. And the imbalance-tolerant Optima L drive safely accommodates tubes that are under- or over-filled by as much as 10%.     
  • The best place for your samples.      Since they're specially designed for innovative application solutions, our tubes deliver improved efficiencies, including Quick-Seal® for biocontainment, g-Max™ for the greatest volume efficiency, konical™ seal for the most concentrated pellet and OptiSeal™ for the easiest sealing. And the design of our one-touch OptiSeal tubes delivers fast, reliable sealing–just insert the plug and press into place, and the centrifugation process itself provides guaranteed protection for your samples.
General Specifications
Depth 67.3 mm
Height120.7 mm
Width 94 mm
Power Requirements 50 Hz, 220 to 240 VAC, 20 A; 50/60 Hz, 200 to 240 VAC, 20 A
Noise Level57 dB
Weight465 kg
Centrifuge Type Ultraspeed
Additional Specifications

Maximum Heat Dissipation into Room under Steady-State Conditions: 1.0 kW (3,400 Btu/hr)      
Set Speed: Actual rotor speed ± 20 rpm of the set speed (above 1,000 rpm)      
Set Temperature: 0 to 40°C in increments of 1°C     
Set Time: Up to 99 hr and 59 min; HOLD for runs of unspecified length

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