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HT3000A autosampler offers reliability and superior performance for all GC-GC/MS applications meeting today's and tomorrow's requirements

HT3000A has been engineered for maximum performance and reliability. The new system takes advantage of today’s latest technology to deliver even greater reliability, performance and flexibility.

HT3000A is the most compact autosampler on the market (near-to-zero requirement for bench space) while offering top-class sample capacity. The sample rack can be removed for sample loading or preparation, or to be stored elsewhere.

HT3000A is available in the standard version with 121 positions for 2ml vials; in the top version HT3200A with 209 positions; in the entry-level version HT3100A with a 15 position fixed rack.

It can be easily installed on all the GC and GC/MS systems available on the market through its flexibility and modular configuration. It can be configured serving up to two injectors in the most of the supported GC. The self-aligning “plug and play” HT3000A mounts in seconds without tools. It can be easy moved between GC when workloads change (easy positioning & easy removal/repositioning).

Easy to use: Just load your samples and run the analysis with no extra downtime. New run-all–samples mode makes the operation of sample processing even more simple and transparent.

HTA is the first to offer GC liquid autosampler with a large, fullcolor touch screen interface, providing easier system accessibility and usability. Touch screen eliminates drilldown, simplifying instrument control for novices and experienced users.

HT3000A is the fastest liquid autosampler available on the market: injection is performed in less than 100ms. Fast-injection technology ensures the best possible peak shape, while maximizing the accuracy of your results.

The greatest solvent capacity means longer unattended operations. The autosampler supports the use of 6 solvent vials of 10ml each (total capacity: 60ml).

Furthermore you can take advantage from the double wash step capability: as pre and post-wash solvent in addition to A, B… F solvents you can also choose for a combination of A+B, A+C…. F+E solvents for superior analytical performance (carryover adverse!)

HT3000A handles the most sophisticated sampling techniques. Parameters are easily programmable to optimize both the most convenient sampling method for extremely volatile or viscous samples and the best injection technique. Variable needle depths allow you to sample anywhere within the vial, thus performing an extraction directly from the vial.

From small-volume injection, to large-volume injection, to multiphase sampling, HT3000A can help you process samples more quickly and get better data too.

It can mount different types of syringes with volume from 0.5 to 100ml.

HT3000A offers syringe illumination to keep always the sample under control, for easy check against air bubbles in method validation.

The rotating tower leaves the injector port free for manual injection or maintenance.

Besides avoiding any complicated sample vial transfer procedure, this approach keeps the samples away from any heated source. In fact sample rack is mounted away from GC oven to prevent exposure to high temperatures that could cause degradation or condensation in the sample vial.

HT3000A can be also controlled by a PC using the HTA Autosampler Manager.

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Features of HT3000A
  • Easy to use
  • Large, full color touch screen display
  • Leader in compactness and sample capacity
  • Support all GCs of your lab
  • Fast injection technology
  • Versatility
  • 1 turret serves 2 injectors
  • Extraordinary performance
  • Requires low maintenance

It handles the most sophisticated sampling techniques:

  • Multi-phase sampling
  • Sandwich injection
  • Priority sampling
  • Ambient headspace sampling
  • Nanoliter injection
General Specifications
Depth 320 mm
Height570 mm
Width 280 mm
Power Requirements 100-240±10%Vac; 50-60Hz; 60VA
Weight8 kg
Additional Specifications

General features         
Syringe volume: 0.5, 1, 5, 10, 25, 50 and 100ul       
Tray capacity: 121 vials, 2ml; optional tray available       
Maintenance: preventive counters available       
Electrical control: LAN and TTL; optional: RS232        
Syringe area illumination: yes (programmable)         
Sample volume: as low as step of 0.1ul        
Air volume: as low as step of 0.1ul         
Filling speed: 1-100ml/sec        
Viscosity delay: 0-15s        
Bubble elimination: up to 15 pull up strokes         
Injection speed: 1-100ul/sec         
Injection depth: programmable        
Pre and post inj delay: 0-99s         
Type: pre-injection, sample, post-injection        
Solvent capacity: 6x10ml vials         
Mode: single or double wash        
Internal standard technique         
IS volume: as low as step of 0.1ul       
Air gap volume: as low as step of 0.1ul       
Mode 1 or 2 air gaps

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