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Industrial Standards Generator

The Span Pac™ I Gas Standards Generator blends gas standards for on-line calibration of process analyzers and continuous emissions monitors. Span Pac™ I units are capable of generating concentrations from sub-ppb to over 1,000 ppm. These units have an output signal for switching the analyzer input from sample to calibration gas. They can be operated manually or by remote station. Span Pac™ I Gas Standards Generators are available in single or multi-oven configurations, which give these units the capability of multi-component mixture and multi-point span calibration.   
All Span Pac™ I units are housed in NEMA 4 specification cabinets and are designed to satisfy the safety requirements for operation in N.E.C. Class 1, Group C or D, Div. II hazardous atmospheres. These units can also be adapted to Div. I service by adding the X-purge option. The Z-purge option meets revision of NFPA 494. The Span Pac™ I cabinets can hold up to three permeation ovens.   
  1. Economical - Replaces expensive, unreliable gas cylinder mixtures   
  2. Safe - Limits possibility of exposure to hazardous materials   
  3. Reliable - Continuous service -- accuracy can be verified by user   
  4. Automated - Can be operated by the analyzer or computerized process control system   
  5. Traceable Accuracy - Permeation tube output measured by weight loss   
  6. Rugged Construction - NEMA 4 housing withstands industrial environment   
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Features of Span Pac I
  • For use in hazardous atmospheres   
  • Single & multi-oven models   
  • Concentration adjustable over 10:1 range   
  • High ppm to low ppb range   
  • Multi component mixtures (up to 24 compounds with 3-oven system)   
  • Simple to operate
General Specifications
Depth 9.25 in
Height20 in
Width 20 in
Weight60 kg
Additional Specifications

Output Pressure: 0-40 psig   
Typical Concentration Range: 1,000 ppm to ppb

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