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Three Thermocyclers in one for maximum flexibility and high sample throughput

The TProfessional TRIO Thermocycler is the only instrument that provides three independent blocks and heated lids in one housing. Thanks to the multiblock technology three different independent protocols can be run in parallel. Moreover by the use of the new Temperature Optimisation Step function gradient-like programs, providing three different annealing temperatures for the optimisation of primer pairs can be easily created.     
The TProfessional TRIO Thermocycler is available in different versions with three blocks for 48 x 0.2 ml tubes , 30 x 0.5 ml tubes or as combi block version for 48 x 0.2 ml or 18* x 0.5 ml tubes. Therefore the TProfessional TRIO offers high throughput in parallel operation (up to 144 x 0.2 ml samples) in combination with the flexibility to run different protocols. This makes the TProfessional TRIO Thermocycler the perfect instrument for laboratories with the demand for high flexibility and the often required     
need to optimise new PCR protocols.
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Features of TProfessional TRIO
  • Three independent Thermocyclers in one housing     
  • Highest heating and cooling rates (up to 5 °C/sec)     
  • Runs three different programs at the same time     
  • High parallel throughput up to 144 samples     
  • Different block formats available: 30 well, 48 well, combi     
  • Improved block accessibility     
  • Three High Performance Smart Lids (HPSL) with automatic pressure control     
  • New air stream design     
  • Large VGA Display     
  • Pre-installed protocols     
  • New Temperature Optimisation Step     
  • Protocol quick start option     
  • Versatile USB functions     
  • Skip function     
  • Multiblock selection function
General Specifications
Depth 38 cm
Height19 cm
Width 30 cm
Power Requirements 100, 115, 230V / 50 – 60 Hz
Weight15 kg
Additional Specifications

TProfessional TRIO 30  
Capacity: 3 blocks for 30 x 0.5 ml tubes each 
Max. Heating rate: 4.0 °C/sec 
Max. Cooling rate: 3.6 °C/sec 
TProfessional TRIO 48 
Capacity: 3 blocks for 48 x 0.2 ml tubes or 48 well microplates or 6 x strips of 8 each 
Max. Heating rate: 5.0 °C/sec 
Max. Cooling rate: 4.5 °C/sec 
TProfessional TRIO combi 
Capacity: 3 combi blocks for 18 x 0.5 ml tubes** or 48 x 0.2 ml tubes or 48 well microplates or 6 x strips of 8 
Max. Heating rate: 3.0 °C/sec 
Max. Cooling rate: 2.7 °C/sec

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