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The New Standard in High Resolution Size Exclusion

Starting with 3 µm ultra-pure silica, Yarra particles are densely bonded with a proprietary surface chemistry. Coupled with tight particle and pore size distribution as well as strict packing and QC specifications, Yarra GFC columns allow for the highest efficiencies and resolution possible.     
Yarra columns are offered in three phases (SEC-2000, 3000, and 4000), and are ideal for the separation of small to large proteins, as well as biological therapeutics and biosimilars.
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Features of Yarra


  • Biosimilar aggregate      applications     * Peptide therapeutics     * Small proteins     * PEGylated peptides and small proteins     

    SEC-3000:       * Immunoglobulin aggregate applications     * Medium to large size proteins     * Serum proteins     * PEGylated proteins     

    SEC-4000:     * Large proteins     * PEGylated IgG

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Series Modals

Phenomenex - SEC-2000

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Phenomenex - SEC-3000

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Phenomenex - SEC-4000

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