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LiteTouch™ 1.7 ml Microcentrifuge Tube Quick and easy one-hand operation

The unique rear tab and hinge design on our innovative LiteTouch microcentrifuge tubes makes them easier and faster to open with just one hand. By placing the tab over the hinge, a light downward pressure is all it takes to “pop” the secure seal and lift the cap.   
Compared with the prying motion required to open conventional tubes, Rainin’s new LiteTouch tubes are a dramatic, ergonomic improvement that will enhance your work flow and speed throughput with multiple samples.
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Features of LifeTouch Microcentrifuge Tubes
  • Faster sample processing and throughput   * Less fatigue, particularly on large sample runs   * Reduced risk of glove and tube cross-contamination   * Graduation marks every 0.5 ml * Resistant to organic reagents, detergents,  acids & bases * Resistant to boiling and freezing (-80°C) 

    Innovative easy-opening    Each LiteTouch tube employs a patented rear hinge and tab mechanism to open the cap. This mechanism eliminates the need to push up on the front of the cap, improving control, reducing fatigue and increasing throughput.   

    Clarity, color, convenience    LiteTouch tubes are made from a durable, high-clarity homopolymer. Frosted writing surfaces on the cap and tube for labeling, and graduation marks every 0.5 ml. LiteTouch tubes are autoclavable. Available in natural, blue, red, green, yellow and photo-opaque black for light-sensitive samples. Natural tubes are available pre-sterilized.   

    Reduced cross-contamination    Pressing down on the rear tab instead of prying up from the front to open virtually eliminates cross-contamination of gloves, pipettes, other surfaces and the sample.   

    Quality is assured    Manufactured under Class 100,000 cleanroom conditions, LiteTouch tubes are free of detectable biological contamination such as RNase, DNase, DNA, ATP, pyrogens, nucleases and PCR inhibitors

General Specifications

There are no General Specifications available.

Additional Specifications

Maximum capacity: 1.7 ml 
Maximum RCF: 20,000 x g 
Color: Natural, Blue, Green, Red & Yellow

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