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Wako Automation now offers the new Yokogawa Cell Voyager CV7000 system for high content imaging and analysis in North...

Wako Automation now offers the new Yokogawa Cell Voyager CV7000 system for high content imaging and analysis in North America and Europe. 
The CV7000 system is the fastest and most versatile confocal HCS instrument on the market today. When it comes to high resolution multiday confocal live cell imaging in microplates it is unmatched. Supported plate formats include 6-well, 96-well, 384-well and 1536-well. 
The new CV7000 system features a larger sCMOS camera (5MP). It's the only HCS instrument utilizing an sCMOS that is cooled to -30°C to reduce noise. This new camera provides four times (4X) the field of view of standard EMCCD cameras enabling faster scanning. 
The advanced dual Nipkow spinning disk minimizes photo-bleaching and photo-toxicity. Yokogawa's patented technology utilizes a second spinning disk containing microlenses to focus light into each pinhole increasing the amount of light reaching the sample by 5-10 fold over competitor spinning disk units. 
The CV7000 provides extremely fast imaging at 20 images/second @ 50ms exposure time.
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Features of YOKOGAWA CV7000
  • The fastest and most powerful high content screening system available today 
  • Confocal, epi-fluorescence, phase contrast, bright field imaging 
  • Temperature, humidity, CO2 control and pipettor for live cell imaging 
  • Significantly reduced photo-damage, utilizing Yokogawa's CSU-X1 dual spinning disk 
  • The CSU-X1 enables 3D imaging even for thick samples and live organisms 
  • Simultaneous three (3) color imaging; Max of 4 lasers and 1 UV-LED
General Specifications

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Additional Specifications

Modes: Confocal, Epi-fluorescent, Phase Contrast, Bright field   
Resolution: 1Μm   
Speed: 96 wells/minute   
Incubation: 35-40°C, CO2, humidity   
Light Source: Lasers (405, 488, 532, 561 and 640nm), UV (LED @ 365nm)

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