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CoolCLAVE™ the first ever personal lab sterilizer

CoolCLAVE™ is the new and unique - laboratory bench top sterilizer available from AMSBIO. It uses ozone gas to clean* laboratory tools, especially ones involved in sensitive experiments or assays. It is effective in sterilizing and deodorizing lightly contaminated pipettes, pipette tips, gloves, plates, small instruments, and even personal items such as keys and glasses. 
The CoolCLAVE™ Sterilizer has a strong antifungal, antibacterial and deodorizing effect that kills organisms starting from an eight (8) minute cycle. An average 8 minute CoolClaving cycle will eliminate the vast majority of surface contaminants*. The CoolCLAVE™'s sterilizing agent, ozone gas (O3), is safely converted to oxygen (O2) by passing through a number of internal filters. Furthermore, tests show that O3 leakage from the CoolCLAVE™'s front door is less than 0.005 ppm, five times below OSHA's Permissible Exposure Limit of 0.1 ppm.  
*Important Disclaimer 
The CoolCLAVE™ Personal Sterilizer is not a replacement or substitute for autoclaves, and should not be used to sterilize equipment for use in medical or surgical applications of any kind. The CoolCLAVE™ sterilizing cycles can eliminate most surface contaminants, especially bacterial and fungal, but only at lower densities that are typical in normal operating environments, such a lab benches or general surfaces. AMSBIO makes no claims and offers no guarantees of any kind that a CoolCLAVE™ cycle(s) will eliminate 100% of all contaminants under all possible circumstances.
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Features of CoolCLAVE
  • Rapid deodorizing and sterilization cycles of 8 minutes 
  • Easy to use, with convenient cycle indicator and colorful chamber LEDs 
  • Stylish unit with small footprint but large chamber capacity 
  • Safe to use. No heat, liquid or corrosive chemicals; no damage or risk to any items 
  • Kills many types of bacteria, fungus, and viruses* 
  • Reliable, long lasting, and low power consuming unit 
  • Very little maintenance and no calibrations needed
General Specifications
Depth 375 mm
Height250 mm
Width 320 mm
Power Requirements 110 V or 220 V
Weight6.4 kg
Part NumberE300110 (110 V) or E300220 (220 V)
Additional Specifications

Technology: O3 generator 
Operating cycle: 8 minutes

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