JEOL - JCM-6000 NeoScope

Manufactured by  JEOL
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A desktop scanning electron microscope

The NeoScope II is a high resolution SEM that produces images with a large depth of field at magnifications ranging from 10X - 60,000X. It offers high & low vacuum operation, three selectable accelerating voltages, secondary electron, and back-scattered electron imaging. The NeoScope II accommodates samples up to 70mm in diameter and 50mm in thickness. The NeoScope examines both conductive and non-conductive samples without any special sample preparation. Optional EDS is available for elemental analysis.
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Features of JCM-6000 NeoScope
  • High performance system in a compact, innovative model   
  • Intuitive touch panel operation with new GUI   
  • Well focused 3D morphological observation   
  • Backscattered electron imaging for compositional distribution   
  • Metrology supported   
  • Imaging of tilted, rotated samples (optional)   
  • Compact body equal to an optical microscope   
  • Simple, stylish body   
  • Touch panel with new GUI. More intuitive operation   
  • Dual frame display   
  • Element analysis
General Specifications
Magnification10 to 60000 x
Electron Microscope TypeSEM
Microscope TypeElectron
Depth 490 mm
Height430 mm
Width 330 mm
Power Requirements Single phase AC 100 V (700 VA), 120 V (840 VA), 220 V (880 VA). 240 V (960 VA)
Additional Specifications

Magnification: 10 to 30,000x (Backscattered electron image)   
Accelerating voltage: 3 stages; 15 kV/10 kV/5 kV (Secondary electron image) & 2 stages; 15 kV/10 kV(Backscattered electron image)   
Imaging modes: High Vacuum/Low Vacuum   
Electron gun: Small grid gun integrating filament and wehnelt   
Specimen stage: X-Y manual control; X: 35 mm; Y: 35 mm   
Maximum specimen size: Diameter 70 mm, height 50 mm   
Data display: Accelerating voltage, magnification, µ bar, µ value, etc.

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