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SPILL-X-FP® formaldehyde polymerizer has been developed to treat spills of formaldehyde solutions. Treatment of formaldehyde spills means that the formaldehyde has been chemically changed so that it is no longer able to evaporate into the surrounding work area. SPILL-X-FP agent is a urea based formulation that chemically reacts with formaldehyde to form a urea-formaldehyde polymer (polynoxylin). Proper application of SPILL-X-FP agent on spilled concentrated formaldehyde solutions actually results in the formation of a plastic-like material which can quickly be removed. Dilute formalin solutions also react with SPILL-X-FP agent. In either case, you have eliminated the source of formaldehyde vapors which allows you to quickly remove the spill and 
restore operations. 
Conventional spill control methods such as clay, sand, or absorbents allows the formaldehyde to continue to evaporate into the surrounding air until the sorbents have been removed. SPILL-X-FP agent begins to react immediately upon application and can reduce formaldehyde exposures. By reducing the amount of formaldehyde vapors and stopping 
their release, the amount of downtime you experience can be greatly reduced. 
SPILL-X-FP agent is a free flowing material which has a green color to differentiate it from other ANSUL® spill control agents. It is available in easy open pails and is effective straight from the container by simply using a scoop or shovel. This 37 lb (16.8 kg) container has the added feature of an easy to read "Recommended Spill Response Procedure" label. These instruction labels guide the user through a spill situation 
from start to finish.
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Features of SPILL-X-FP
  • Free-flowing agent can be applied directly from pail or shaker * Renders plastic-like material for quick clean-up and disposal * Easy open pail cover makes tools unnecessary and reduces spill response time * Complete instructions with picto-grams guide the user from start to finish during spill clean-up * Application rates included in the instructions * Chemically changes formaldehyde to stop evaporation * Reduces vapors released during clean-up
General Specifications

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Additional Specifications

Part # - Description:  

  1. 78443 37 lb (16.8 kg) Pail SPILL-X-FP Agent 
  2. 73834 SPILL-X-FP/S Treatment Kit (Six Containers – three SPILL-X-FP and three SPILL-X-S) 
  3. 78435 SPILL-X-FP Refill 

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