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The Microsaic 3500 MiD is the world’s smallest fully integrated MS system.

The 3500 MiD is the size of a standard desktop computer and with very few additional infrastructure requirements it is smaller, lighter, more energy efficient and cheaper to run than conventional MS systems. 
The 3500 MiD is designed to readily integrate with existing HPLC equipment with no extra footprint extending the capability of your HPLC system with significant cost savings compared to a conventional MS system. 
Historically, MS has only been used for off-line analysis but the 3500 MiD is so compact it can be used for on-line reaction monitoring in a fume-hood. Monitoring batch reactions in real time provides the chemist with vital reaction data which can be acted upon to maximise yield and/or minimize impurities. The 3500 MiD is also ideal for flow chemistry systems where MS data can be used for faster reaction optimisation. 
The system is portable with modular plug and play components for maximum application flexibility.
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Features of 3500 MiD

SMALLEST FOOTPRINT IN THE MARKET  Far smaller than conventional mass spectrometers, with fewer infrastructure requirements (e.g. sound- proofing, floor pump, UPS, gas generator) the Microsaic 3500 MiD is a versatile, portable solution designed for bench chemists.  

STACKABLE, ONE BOX SOLUTION  Designed to integrate with existing equipment with no extra footprint. 

CHIP-BASED MASS SPECTROMETRY  The 3500 MiD is a fully integrated MS system. The core technologies are chip-scale versions of traditional mass spec components which can be interchanged rapidly by the user. This modular approach allows users to maintain the system without the need for expensive service contracts and time-consuming call-outs. 

CHANGE THE CHIP AS YOUR NEEDS CHANGE!  ‘Plug and play’ chips make the 3500 MiD configurable, flexible and future proof. 

MASSCAPE™ SOFTWARE  The 3500 MiD runs Masscape; an intuitive, open-access software for method development and LC-MS. 

DATA ANALYSIS  Masscape may be used off-line as a data analysis solution. Masscape files are in a variety of formats including NetCDF, compatible with software from major LC companies 

SAVE MONEY  10% of the running costs of conventional MS systems. Big savings on costly infrastructure such as gas generators, air-con and UPS. 

MINIMAL DOWNTIME  ‘Plug and play’ components allow users to maintain the system. Zero call outs. 

NETWORK READY  Remote control via LAN connection removes the need for a monitor or keyboard, further minimizing footprint: ideal for fume-hood deployment.

General Specifications
Mass Range80 to 800 m/z
Mass Resolution 0.7 FWHM
Scan Speed 3600 pts/s
Depth 600 mm
Height185 mm
Width 350 mm
Power Requirements 100-240 V AC
Peak Power300 W
Idle Power200 W
Weight27 kg
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