METTLER TOLEDO - EasyMax 102 Advanced Synthesis Workstation

Manufactured by  METTLER TOLEDO
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Eliminate the need for round bottom flasks and jacketed lab reactors in chemical development and process optimization.

Develop and optimize new synthetic routes, increase the speed of development and reduce costs with the EasyMax 102 Advanced. This chemical development and process optimization workstation replaces round bottom flasks and jacketed lab reactors with working volumes between 0.5mL-100mL.
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Features of EasyMax 102 Advanced Synthesis Workstation

Versatile, Accurate and User-Friendly

The compact solid-state thermostat covers a temperature range from -40°C to 180 °C and does not require a cumbersome oil or ice bath or bulky cryostat. The precise control of temperature and all other experiment parameters ensure highly reproducible experiments.

One-Touch Control

EasyMax™ is operated with an intuitive touchscreen. Changing reaction parameters is simple and takes a matter of seconds. Data and trends are displayed on the screen instantaneously. A sequence of consecutive tasks can be programmed and run unattended and safely.

Unlimited Flexibility

Reactions can be studied in either one or two-piece reactors from 50 to 150 mL. EasyMax™ can be equipped with optional test tubes from 1 to 20 mL. Changing the configuration is fast and completely effortless.

Quality Information

During the course of the experiment, all events and data are recorded automatically. To further process or evaluate, experiment data they can easily be exported to iControl™ or Excel®.

General Specifications
Depth 36 cm
Height28 cm
Width 33 cm
Maximum Temperature180 °C
Power Requirements 100 - 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Minimum Temperature-40 °C
Weight16 kg (including touchpad)
Part Number51161711
Additional Specifications

Operating Volume:        
0.5 ml - 100.0 ml       
Powder-coated stainless steel with FEP coated cover plate       
Solid State Thermostat

  • Organic Chemistry's Future is Now - EasyMax

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