Eyela - N-1200 Series

Manufactured by  Eyela
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Quality design with broad versatility.

Consists of two models; N-1200A (Manual jack type) & N-1200B (Auto jack type).   
Both N-1200A and N-1200B have manual slide mechanism in addition to jack mechanism. Regardless of the size of a trap ball or flask, height of main unit driving part is adjustable.    
Newly developed Teflon vacuum seal realizes long life and strong chemical resistance allowing for long time operation with high speed rotation. 
Rotary Evaporator N-1200B Series: 
  1. Motorized auto jack with digital display 
  2. Motorized lift: 100mm + manual slide 130mm 
  3. Weight 1kg more to equivalent model of 1200A Series 
  4. Other specificatons same with 1200A Seres 
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Features of N-1200 Series

Strong stirring    Ferromagnetic stirrer is equipped for each test tube which performes strong and stable vortex stirring. Irregular suspension reaction using poorly-soluble powder sample and solid catalyst, christallization reaction, high-viscosity solvent (ethyleneglycol and etc.) can be stirred.   

Highly efficient independent temperature controller    5 temperature sensors and temperature controllers are equipped for each five heating blocks. Range of temperature setting is from -10?~160?. Accurate temperature control can be performed even around room temperature (±0.5?) and cooling can be executed smoothly as well. After having reaction in high temperature, the block can be cooled speedily if the temperature control is stopped.    

Reflux    Reflux block that contacts test tube is equipped. Since reflux block, which is cooled down by low temperature circulator, cool off the top of the tube, reaction solvent vapor is refluxed sufficiently. Highly efficient reflux can perform long reaction experiment.   

Independent gas flushing    Switching valve for vacuuming line and inert gas line is equipped in gas infusing line of Teflon cap on the top of the test tube. By using this valve,test tube can be deoxidized and dehydrated easily and atmosphere can be flushed by inert gas. With opening the top of the tube a little bit, reaction under gas flow can be implemented.   

Sample can be added in various ways.    Interchangeable joint (TS 15/25) is equipped with the product.    With syringe, sample can be added through septum, and also pipetting can be executed under inert gas atmosphere. Interchangeable joint can accommodate your own glassware. By using dripping funnel, dripping experiment can be implemented (even under inert gas atmosphere).   

Detachable aluminum block    Aluminum block can be detached from temperature control and stirring portion.    So the sample can be added in the tube on other laboratory table.   

Safety features    In case that solvent spills out from broken tube, Teflon tray receives it to protect the device. Double chamber prevents dew condensation on aluminum block, and also prevents the splash of broken tube. With variable over heat protector, maximum temperature of each aluminum block can be set individually. In case overheating of aluminum block happens due to malfunction of temperature regulator or relay, temperature fuse cut off heater power source.    

Synthesis scale can be changed    Temperature control and stirring portion can be shared with two models.    With optional accessories such as Teflon cap and aluminum block, synthesis scale can be changed (scale up and down).

General Specifications

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Series Modals

Eyela - N-1200AS

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Eyela - N-1200AS-W

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Eyela - N-1200AS-WD

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Eyela - N-1200AT

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Eyela - N-1200AT-W

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Eyela - N-1200AT-WD

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Eyela - N-1200AV

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Eyela - N-1200AV-W

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Eyela - N-1200AV-WD

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