Micromeritics - 3Flex

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Surface Characterization Analyzer. Versatile High-Throughput Surface Characterization

High Resolution, High-throughput Physisorption and Chemisorption Instrument   
Recognized as the most advanced instrument in the field for material surface characterization1. The 3Flex has become a crucial tool for providing high resolution adsorption, desorption, isotherms to advance and validate fundamental understanding into development of methodologies and process improvements.   
Extend and increase your knowledge.    
3Flex permits you to optimize your experimental parameters to gain greater understanding of your material. The 3Flex has the capability to analyze a sample with 3 separate probe gases simultaneously, one on each analysis port, within a single run.   
Extend your range of study.   
Go beyond micropore and extend your range of resolution to the ultra-microporous level. The advanced engineered design of the 3Flex permits you to acquire accurate results with a resolution to 10-5 mmHg   
Optimize your process.   
With 3Flex you gain valuable data to validate your theories and rationalize the design and synthesis of MOFs, zeolites, activated carbons and other products. Utilize the high throughput results of the 3-port mesopore and micropore design of the 3Flex to gain rapid understanding of restrictions or boundaries that may influence or impede your process optimization.
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