Agilent Technologies - 1290 Infinity Evaporative Light Scattering Detector

Manufactured by  Agilent Technologies
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The Agilent 1290 Infinity Evaporative Light Scattering Detector is a high capability, instrument ideal for detecting...

The Agilent 1290 Infinity Evaporative Light Scattering Detector is a high capability, instrument ideal for detecting analytes with no UV chromophore as it does not rely on optical absorption. The blue laser light source delivers excellent sensitivity whatever the compound to be analysed. The 1290 Infinity ELSD is the only ELSD that delivers sub-ambient operation for unrivalled detection of thermally labile analytes other ELSDs miss. The instrument delivers evaporation down to 10°C providing maximum sensitivity for compounds with significant volatility below 30° C. Real time gas control, Peltier cooling components and a range of other high quality equipment and enhancements provide excellent sensitivity, reproducibility and flexibility for many applications.
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Features of 1290 Infinity Evaporative Light Scattering Detector
  • High sensitivity throughout each process is enabled by real-time control during injection, with programmable software. This sensitivity delivers superb responses for all compounds to low nanogram levels.     
  • Peltier-cooled evaporation tube cools to 10°C - 80°C preventing degradation of thermally labile compounds. Rapid heating and cooling of the evaporator tube minimizes equilibration time and increases sample throughput.     
  • Real-time gas control provides a uniform response across a solvent gradient that minimizes quantification errors.     
  • Control and data collection system is compatible with many vendor platforms     
  • Solvent enhancement effects during gradient elution are eliminated through real-time evaporator gas programming for excellent quantification.     
  • Low dispersion and high-speed data output rates that are ideal for Fast LC applications.     
  • Superb reproducibility below 2% for reliable and accurate results.     
  • Full DMSO transparency keeps early eluting compounds detectable.
General Specifications
Power Requirements 90/120V AC or 220/250V AC 50/60 Hz 2A max
Weight13 kg
Additional Specifications

Light source:      
LED 480 nm (Class 1 LED Product)     
Photomultiplier tube digital signal processing     
Temperature range:      
Evaporator OFF, 10–80 °C (1 °C increments)     
Nebulizer OFF, 25–90 °C (1 °C increments)     
Gas requirements:      
Flow rate 0.9 SLM to 3.25 SLM at 25 °C with integrated     
controlled gas shut-off valve     
Pressure operating range      
60–100 psi (4–6.7 bar)     
Eluent flow rate:      
0.2–5 mL/min     
Analogue output:      
0–1 V FSD     
Digital output:     
24 bit digital data, 10, 40, or 80 Hz     
Serial (RS232)     
Remote start Input     
Remote A/Z     
Contact closure     
Instrument operation:      
Graphical vacuum fluorescent display with keypad     
Real-time control through ELSD Dimension Software     
10 predefined methods     
PC operation (software):      
Standalone control software utilities, Agilent ChemStation control software,     
Agilent EZChrom Elite control software     
Power requirements:      
90/120V AC or 220/250V AC 50/60 Hz 2A max     
Detector status:      
Standby, run     
Unpackaged 200 × 450 × 415 mm (w × d × h)     
Unpackaged 13 kg     
Safety features:      
Gas shut off valve, vapor and leak detection

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