Netzsch - DEA 288 Epsilon

Manufactured by  Netzsch
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The DEA 288 Epsilon has replaced the DEA 230 Epsilon and the DEA 231 Epsilon   
The multi-functional design of the DEA 288 Epsilon (including furnace or laboratory press) allows for the application of a great variety of different test conditions such as heat, cold, humidity or UV light. This enables the user to easily and conveniently determine the best parameters for processing the material.
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Features of DEA 288 Epsilon

Practical Set-Up for Sample Handling        One great advantage of DEA is the ability to use the same sample amount and geometry as is utilized in the real process. By applying the wide range of available sensors, almost any practical application can be reproduced:       

  • Spray coating of thin films       
  • Application by a drawdown bar       
  • Spreading of low- or medium viscosity materials       
  • Positioning of the sensor between the layers of a prepreg       
  • Dipping of the sensor in a liquid
General Specifications

There are no General Specifications available.

Additional Specifications

Frequency range:     
1 mHz to 1 MHz, freely selectable values     
Data acquisition multiple DEA modules:     
True simultaneous operation of all channels     
Minimum data acquisition time:     
< 5 ms     
Sensor connection:     
Guarded, 4-wire technique (compensation of resistivity and capacity of the wire as     
a prerequisite for precise measurements)

  • Dielectric Cure Monitoring

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