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The fully-motorised and automated inverted microscope system

The fully motorised and automated IX83 is the most advanced member of the IX3 series of imaging systems for life science researchers and offers a new level of usability and application flexibility. Choose from the one-deck system with ergonomic low stage height or the two-deck system with additional expansion capabilities. Both provide the ability to perform a multitude of imaging techniques, from long term time-lapse imaging and other demanding cutting edge techniques to routine testing and documentation. Users can mould the components and controls to best suit their workflow.
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Features of IX83

Unique deck system

No other microscope system offers greater flexibility. The IX83 microscope features a new unique deck system and can be equipped with several illumination, filter and detection units. So the ideal deck configuration is possible for any application.

Modular motorization

The Olympus modular motorisation concept allows you to choose the automation level depending on your requirements. The fully automatable IX83 includes a motorised high-precision Z-drive, nosepiece and lightpath changer and further motorized modules can be added, including fluorescence and transmitted light illuminators, filterwheels, shutters and stages. All controlled by a convenient touch panel or by Olympus imaging software.

System solutions

Olympus imaging software packages enable archiving, analysis of multistained specimens, automated experiments, imaging, high content screening and more. Basic and integrated solutions are available and Olympus specialists will support you in choosing the best option.

Dedicated to Fluorescence

Olympus fluorescence illumination systems and high definition ion coated filters provide the highest signal to noise performance and field number filling the chips of even large-format cameras. The wavelength accuracy, edge steepness and low autofluorescence of the UIS2 HQ-fluorescence-filters reveal more detail.


The IX83 frame design is unsurpassed in compactness without any compromise in its rocklike stability in XY and Z planes. On top the new Olympus Z-drift compensation system uniquely combines a ‘one-shot’ and ‘continuous’ mode to keep the focus stable during time-lapse imaging or screening.

UIS2 - making the invisible visible

The UIS2 reveals previously unseen detail and protects cells from radiation. Superb signal to noise performance and enhanced spectral wavelength range deliver maximum signal with minimum excitation power. Improved chromatic aberration correction ensures the highest colour fidelity.

General Specifications
Microscope TypeInverted
Additional Specifications

Microscope frame        
Optical system:        
UIS2 optical system       
Revolving nosepiece:        
Motorised sextuple revolving nosepiece (DIC slider attachable), simple waterproof structure       
Stroke: 10.5 mm       
Minimum increment: 0.01 Μm,       
Maximum nosepiece movement speed: 3 mm/s       
Light-path selection:        
Motorised 0:100/50:50/100:0 (Left-side port: BI port)       
Transmitted light illuminator        
Pillar tilt mechanism (30° inclination angle, with vibration-reducing mechanism), Condenser holder (with 88 mm stroke, refocusing mechanism), Field iris diaphragm adjustable, 4 filter holders       
Light source:       
12 V 100 W halogen bulb (pre-centred)       
High-colour-reproductive LED light source       
Scanning stage with ultrasonic:        
Stage stroke: X: 76 mm x Y: 52 mm, maximum stage movement speed: 30mm/s       
Mechanical stage with right handle:        
Stage stroke: X: 114 mm x Y: 75 mm, stage position locking function       
Right-handle stage:        
Stage stroke: X: 50 mm x Y: 50 mm       
Gliding stage:        
Upper circular stage 360° rotatable, 20 mm (X/Y) travel       
Plain stage:        
232 mm (X) × 240 mm (Y) stage size, stage insert plate exchangeable (ø110 mm)       
Operating environment        
Indoor use       
Ambient temperature:        
5º to 40ºC (41º to 104ºF)       
Maximum relative humidity:        
80% for temperatures up to 31ºC (88ºF), decreasing linearly through 70% at 34ºC (93ºF), 60% at 37ºC (99ºF), to 50% relative humidity at 40ºC (104ºF)       
Supply voltage fluctuations:        
Not to exceed ±10% of the normal voltage

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